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There was a lack of experience amongst both staff and students with regards to a blended learning course. It is our opinion that being able to see both the practical side of the course and further reflect upon the course is a major step forward for our understanding of blended learning. We believe that the advantages offered by action research have materialised, and have provided an ethical framework for co-operation of staff and students, encouraging the reflective practice to take place. Being exposed to the theory, for example through staff training, cannot replace experience, hence we will continue with our action research framework.

We believe that it is also important to maintain a team culture that enables communication between members of staff. It was the sharing of the experience and group reflection upon the course that made our progress possible. Several issues have been agreed as being important. These include the management of expectation where students will be expected to do more independent learning by all members of staff who will adopt the same approach. Within the E-moderating model greater attention will also be paid to enrolment and induction processes.

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