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Facilitation of Blended Learning

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Facilitation of Blended Learning

Some of the members of staff had attended an e-moderating course, which provided them with some theoretical background, however this was not used to its full potential. Generally there was no consistency between the lecturers and the way they interpreted blended learning on the individual modules. Simply using Blackboard instead of web pages to deliver the handouts and presentations and combining it with discussion boards resulted in some staff stating that we were not really doing any e-learning on the course:

“At the moment the VLE is a communication and support tool, it is not a learning tool.”

“… at the moment it is used as a central repository, it is keeping everyone together, especially the discussion board.”

In respect to the face-to-face sessions, lecturers outlined their actions as follows:

…I tended to do … a formal lecture when they came in, not every time but that is what I ended up doing, because it seemed to be the only thing that worked. I found that when I asked them to read something and then expected them to come in and be ready to discuss it, they hadn’t read it they just haven’t done it. So you had to tell them things before they could discuss it.

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