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Education in a Changing Environment 13th-14th September 2004

Conference Proceedings

Reflections On The Use Of Blended Learning

Aleksej Heinze, a.heinze@salford.ac.uk
Chris Procter, c.t.procter@salford.ac.uk


This paper reflects upon the experience of the delivery of a program at the University of Salford using blended learning. Facilitated by action research, it reports on the lessons learnt since the paper by Procter “Blended Learning in Practice”(Procter, 2003). Within the first cycle of action research we captured staff and students’ opinions regarding the program, these are discussed in this paper. A number of lessons and conclusions are drawn, in particular, we argue for the need for a theoretical underpinning and that Laurillard’s Conversational Framework (Laurillard, 1993)is a valuable tool for blended learning, leading us to test the theory in practice over the coming two years. One of the main findings is the importance of transparent communication on a blended learning course.

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