Extended Controversial Issue Discussion Lesson Plan Should the Electoral College by abolished?

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Different Situation

  • Can you describe a situation that would . . .?

  • Suppose ________________.  Would that still be true?  Why or why not?

Solicit Questions      

  • What are some things that you wonder about?

  • What would you like to know about?

  • Are there questions we should remember now?

Huddle Up Superheros! It’s Time to Super-Annotate!

The Annotator!

Follow these steps as you read through the document: Should the Electoral College be abolished?

Circle words that are unknown or that might need explanation. Double circle words that might have a unique connotation or meaning. If necessary, comment in the margins.

Look up and write a synonym for words you cannot guess using context clues.


Consider this the “huh, what?” section. Put a ? next to areas where you say, “huh, what?” and write a brief description of your inference in the margin.

  1. Put a star next to each claim or argument that is FOR the electoral college

  1. Put a plus sign next to each claim or argument that is AGAINST the electoral college


Next to each star or plus, evaluate the claim. On a scale of 1-3 (one is very relevant and valid and three is not relevant or valid) rate the evidence.

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