Extended Controversial Issue Discussion Lesson Plan Should the Electoral College by abolished?

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Questions (4 points each)

  1. According to the reading, what is the POPULAR vote?

  1. CIRCLE the TOTAL number of Electoral College members, UNDERLINE how this number is determined or allocated. Put a BOX around the number a candidate needs in order to win the Presidential Election.

  1. Critical thinking: California has 55 Electoral College Votes, while Michigan has 10. What does this tell you about these two states? How do you know this?

  1. Explain what happens if no candidate receives 270 Electoral College votes:

  1. Do you think the Electoral College is a good system? Support your answer with FACTS!

Directions: You are going to redraw the United States according to how many Electoral College votes the state has, using Graph Paper. Each BOX on the graph paper will represent ONE Electoral College vote. For example, Nevada has FIVE Electoral College votes, so Nevada would take up SIX individual boxes on the graph paper. HINT: Start in one of the CORNERS of the United States and work your way down, then across (starting on the CORNER of your paper). Try to make the states look ROUGHLY how they do on a map!!!! Use the Electoral College map below to help you!!! Make sure to label each state (abbreviations okay)

30 points

Critical thinking:What is the MINIMUM (lowest) number of states a Candidate could win and still have enough Electoral College votes (270). Which states would that candidate have to win??? Do your calculations below!!!!

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