Expressing Emotions through Art Lesson Plan

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The Sisters Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte, Jacques-Louis David, 1821

Eva and Daughter, Martin Rogovin, 1973, 1985, 1992

Double Portrait of the Artist’s Daughters, Adolf von Hildebrand, 1889

- Light-colored construction paper, pastels, kneaded erasers, thin and thick brown markers (optional), paper-blending stumps. You can also use watercolors for this lesson.

- Images of artworks showing a caring relationship between two people.
Lesson Steps

Directory: education -> teachers -> classroom resources -> curricula -> expressing emotions -> downloads
curricula -> Scenes from the Headlines: Lessons and Ideas for Discussion Timeline
curricula -> Secondary Teachers’ Institute Lesson Plan Documentary Photography: Civil Rights Through Image and Text
curricula -> Connecting Poetry & Art Lesson Plan
curricula -> Historical Witness, Social Messaging Lesson Plan Breaking the Chains, Rising Out of Circumstances
curricula -> Looking at Illuminated Manuscripts: Lessons and Ideas for Discussion Lesson Plan
curricula -> Performing Arts in Art Lesson Plan
curricula -> Lesson Plan Dorothea Lange and the Relocation of Japanese Americans
curricula -> Lesson Plan One-Pager: Analysis of Dorothea Lange’s Photographs
curricula -> Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Mythology in European Art Lesson Plan
downloads -> Expressing Emotions through Art Lesson Plan

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