Exploring: The 13 Colonies

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Exploring: The 13 Colonies

Name: Tara Wessel

Grade: 5th

Topic: Location/Early Life of Colonists

Time Needed: 15 minutes for intro, 30 minutes at each station, 5 minutes to close

Desired Results/Learning Outcome/Essential Question: Objective:

Students will correctly identify and label at least 7 of the original 13 colonies on a map. Students will identify at least 1 political, social, and economic aspect of daily colonial life.


SS.5.1.7 - Colonization and Settlements: 1607 to 1763. Identify and locate the 13 British colonies that became the United States and describe daily life (political, social, and economic organization and structure).


Students will be assessed on their ability to correctly locate and label at least 7 or the original 13 colonies on a map. They will be assessed on their completion of the “Daily Life” book.


This lesson will utilize station teaching. Teacher 1 will run the colonial life station. Teacher 2 will run the 13 colonies locations station. Students will switch between the 2 stations. While students are at the stations, the classroom teacher will observe and take notes on student behavior so help guide future instruction.

Download 242.41 Kb.

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