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Explorer Report

Data Disc


Name of my explorer:

This project is due on

This report is on famous explorers of the world. You will draw an explorer’s name out of the bag and research that explorer. Using your research you will create a data disc (a circular poster) and present it to the class. I will give you the materials to make the disc. You will create and complete the disc at home. You will use your textbook, the internet and books from the library to complete your data disc. This is the only project this year that you do not have to make a list of your sources.

The Disc

The disc will be divided into six parts. Each part will have its own heading. The smaller disc will include the name of the explorer and will be placed in the center of the larger disc.

Label the sections of the disc with the following headings, and fill in the information. You may want to use a list or bullet point format to make your disc easier to read.

  1. Born/Died – Year of each, specific date if possible

  2. Early Life – What did he do before he became an explorer?

  3. Nationality – What country did he come from?

  4. Major Exploration – Where did he explore? Who sent him on the expedition? What discoveries did he make?

  5. Importance of Exploration – Why is this explorer known today?

  6. Interesting Information – At least two additional facts about your explorer

Please read the rubric on the next page. Each section is worth a different number of points toward your final grade. The entire project is worth 100 points in the Social Studies grade book.

Oral Presentation:

You will present your data disc to the class. Please be prepared to make a short presentation to explain what you learned. We want to know who your explorer was, where they came from, what they discovered and why they are remembered today.

Rubric for Data Disc

Overall appearance /10

Born/Died /2
Early Life /4
Nationality /3
Major Exploration /30
Importance of exploration /15
Interesting information /6
Data Disc total /70
Oral Presentation

Knowledge of information /6

Covers all parts /6
Eye contact, engage audience /10
Comfort of presentation from practice /8
Oral presentation total /30
Grade for this project /100

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