Exploration & Colonization Study Guide

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Exploration & Colonization Study Guide

  1. Who first proposed a colony in the New World to help England’s debtors have a new start in life?

  2. When Columbus landed on the Caribbean island he named San Salvador, he believed he had landed on the coast of which country?

  3. What was the famous “Northwest Passage” that all early explorers sought?

  4. Which countries were major colonizers of the New World?

  5. Which Spanish explorer traveled through Georgia searching for gold?

  6. What items, that England was importing from France, Russia, and Spain, did Oglethorpe promise to produce in the thirteenth colony?

  7. Which disease was not brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers?

  8. Which groups of people could become colonists in Georgia according to its charter?

  9. Which group of Indians lived in the area where Oglethorpe led his Georgia colonists?

  10. Which famous ship transported Oglethorpe and Georgia’s first colonists from England to the new land?

  11. As a member of Parliament’s House of Commons, Oglethorpe was active in bringing about reforms in which system in England?

  12. King George II granted Oglethorpe and his group a charter for the thirteenth colony in which year?

  13. Where did James Oglethorpe land his colonists in Georgia to begin the thirteenth colony?

  14. Which was a likely cause of disease and fatalities in Georgia’s initial year?

  15. Who established Ebenezer and New Ebenezer?

  16. What was a major source of discontent with Georgia’s early colonists?

  17. Georgia’s initial trustees could not

  18. How did the trustees of Georgia work around the rules set for them by the king?

  19. What were the requirements of the colonists selected to make the trip with Oglethorpe to settle the thirteenth colony?

  20. Why did Georgia’s earliest settlers experience such discontent?

  21. Why was South Carolina so pleased to have Georgia become Great Britain’s thirteenth colony?

  22. What was the name of the first fort built by the British in Georgia?

  23. What charges were levied against James Oglethorpe in his final trip home to Great Britain?

  24. For how many years was Georgia a charter colony?

  25. Which groups of Georgia’s initial backers opposed slavery?

  26. Great Britain’s policy of governing its colonies to build up its own gold supplies and to expand its own trade was known as what?

  27. Why was Fort King George established in Georgia before the colony was even founded?

  28. What is the definition of “mercantilism?”

  29. How did the British defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 resulted in the growth and greatness of the British Empire?

  30. Who established the first Sunday school in America?

  31. Who established the Bethesda Orphans Home in Ebenezer? (name of individual)

  32. What were the climates of the colonial regions like?

  33. Why was shipbuilding a major economic factor only in the New England and Middle colonies?

  34. How were royal colonies governed?

  35. What was the economic base of the Southern Colonies during the colonial period?

  36. Which group was the dominant religious group in Georgia during the colonial period?

  37. Who was Georgia’s first royal governor?

  38. How was land a factor in government participation in the royal colony?

  39. Which Georgia governor contributed much to the defenses of the colony?

Essay Questions: Colonization of Georgia

Each of the following should be answered thoroughly in essay format using complete thoughts and sentences. You will need to use your own notebook paper.

  1. Explain the three reasons for the founding of Georgia as spelled out in the Charter of 1732.

  2. Georgia was established as a trustee colony. Explain how the role of the trustee involved significant sacrifices for those who chose to assume it.

  3. Native Americans (and those with Native American heritage) played a significant role in the successful settlement of Georgia. Explain why this statement is true (give examples).

  4. Compare and contrast the trustee colony and royal colony periods

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