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Duration and financial impact

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Duration and financial impact

 Proposal/initiative of limited duration

 Proposal/initiative in effect from [DD/MM]YYYY to [DD/MM]YYYY

 Financial impact from YYYY to YYYY

X Proposal/initiative of unlimited duration

Implementation with a start-up period from YYYY to YYYY,

followed by full-scale operation.

Management mode(s) planned54

From the 2015 budget

X Direct management by the Commission

 by its departments, including by its staff in the Union delegations;

by the executive agencies;

Shared management with the Member States

Indirect management by delegating implementation tasks to:

 third countries or the bodies they have designated;

 international organisations and their agencies (to be specified);

the EIB and the European Investment Fund;

 bodies referred to in Articles 208 and 209 of the Financial Regulation;

 public law bodies;

 bodies governed by private law with a public service mission to the extent that they provide adequate financial guarantees;

 bodies governed by the private law of a Member State that are entrusted with the implementation of a public-private partnership and that provide adequate financial guarantees;

 persons entrusted with the implementation of specific actions in the CFSP pursuant to Title V of the TEU, and identified in the relevant basic act.

If more than one management mode is indicated, please provide details in the "Comments" section.


The implementation is not expected to require significant funds.

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