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Final Examination Essay Response

Brave New World—Aldous Huxley

One half of your final examination grade will be based on the summaries, reactions, questions, and quizzes that you complete during the 2nd (or 4th) quarter as you read the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. The other half of your final exam grade will be based on the following open-book essay question that you will complete in class on your scheduled final examination day. With this format, if you fail to complete enough of the scheduled reading assignments and the corresponding activities, you may not earn enough points to pass the final exam, and you might also jeopardize your grade for the quarter. Remember that you need two passing grades to receive credit for this class, and also remember that most seniors need this English credit to graduate, so be certain to complete the required assignments on time.

Using ample and appropriate examples from the indicated texts, respond to the following question as it applies to the novel Brave New World. There is no length requirement, provided that you respond to the question thoroughly, covering each component.

Using the supplemental annotated handout that addresses Huxley’s thoughts on self-transcendence, discuss the major points that he raises regarding this topic, including the approaches people take to achieve this transcendence and why these approaches ultimately will not work. Then, using examples from Brave New World, explain how these ideas apply to the majority of the people in this “utopian” society. Next, focus on the character of John the Savage. Instead of adapting to the beliefs of the new world, how does John rebel against their society? What arguments does he use to explain why life on the reservation is better (including his thoughts on art, love, family, aging, and death)? How does Mustapha Mond offer counterpoints for every point that John raises about the benefits of the old world? How does John try to resist the temptations of the new world, and why does John ultimately fail as a result of his attempts.

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