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BATEMAN, B.R.J. Croydon : An analysis of the reports of the overseers of the poor for the years 1839-1849
BELL, S.P. St Helens, 1903
BOLIVER, T.A. The economy and society of Darlaston, South Staffordshire, around 1851
BROWN, E.G. A few aspects of the Old Poor Law in Tilehurst
GODDEN, J.K. Woking
LEWIS, Colin The Tennant Canal
MAY, G.F. Northampton to Market Harborough and Welford Turnpike Trust 1721- 1872
MILLER-HUSON, J. French Hugenot settlement in Wandsworth, 1685-1781
MURIE, John P. Some aspects of the Working of the Exeter Turnpike Trust based on information contained in papers to be found in the Muniment Room of the

Exeter City Library

OATES, Richard C. Electric trams in Exeter
PAYNES, Jennifer M. Aspects of Swansea Life in the late 19th century
SHORT, Peter The Miners' Bond in the Great Northern Coalfield
TRETHOWAN, D.M. Industry in mid-18th century Tavistock
ALDHOUS, Rosemary St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley. The affairs of the Parish between the years 1731 and 1748 with special reference to the care of the poor
ATKINSON, Sandra The Amberley Enclosure Award, 1810-26
BAILEY, A.E. The history of the westcountry brewery holdings 1760-
BROWN, Paul Ealing - A Study in Suburban Take-Off
DEWEY, P.E. Aspects of the history of Downton, Wiltshire in the 18th century
FINEGOLD, Lesley The Rise, Decline and Resurgence of snuff manufacture as exemplified by the Old Snuff House of Fribourg and Treyer 1720 to 1967
FUDGE, J.W. Case of the Promoters of the Derby Canal
HARRISON, C.G. The Proceedings of the dispute concerning statutes relating to the woollen industry in the years 1802-9
HEALEY, Teresa The Depression in Darwen 1928-1936
KING, Celia M. The Improvement of the Lower Medway Navigation in the first half of the nineteenth century
LEWIS, Martin History of the Northampton Boot Industry 1879-1906
PARKIN, A.W. Roads, railways and canals
REED, J. Shapwick. Its land ownership and land use between 1700 and 1890
RODGERS,,, D.S. Burberry's Ltd, and S. and J. Prestwick Ltd. The romance of gabardine
SMITH, M. Poor Relief in Blackawton Parish, 1780-1830 approx.
THORN, J.D. The history of the Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company, 1839-1949
ALLEN, T. The Development of Agricultural Unionism in North Lincolnshire (Lindsey) 1870-1890
BOTTELL, C.M. William Taitt - Dowlais Ironworks - labour relations during the Napoleonic Wars
CARNE, P. Agriculture in Kenya 1929-1933
DANCEY, Roger Results of research into the Policy Records of the Sun Insurance Office for 1795, 1808 and 1820 with reference to the South West
ELVIN, G. Stratford Market. A study in nineteenth century market growth
GOULD, John J. Joseph Dickenson Croskey - Textile Merchant and Furrier of London (decd 1830)
HORSFALL, Ann The Minute Book of the Ladies' Society for the Relief of British Negro Slaves
LITTLEFAIR, K. The Life of the Sparrows Herne Turnpike Trust 1762-1873
MOSS, M.D. The Development of Charity Hospitals in the City of Gloucester
REES, Gareth, D. The Dowlais Iron Company
STEVENS, C.D.M. Lyme shipping register
VEAL, John Colin Analysis of Port Registry Records of Topsham, Devon, of the Port of Exeter, 1836-1853
BALL, G. Enclosure and Staffordshire
BIGGS, Dave The Aire and Calder Navigation - its history and economic importance
DOONAR, B.W. The history of Croydon Aerodrome and its association with the development of British Civil Aviation
GEORGE, K. Twentieth Century Economic and Social Change in the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames
HARRIS, T.J. Bristol's Foreign Trade in the first half of the Nineteenth Century (from Bristol Presentments: 1801 and 1858)
HOBBS, Philip Some notes on 'The Last Labourers Revolt' in Salisbury and District
HOLMAN, D.E. An essay on the social and economic condition of Exeter in mid-19th century
MACKENZIE, Colin Some aspects of Agricultural Trades Unionism in the 1870s
MALLEY, Rowan T. Puddletown, 1725 - an economic and social survey based on a listing of inhabitants
MORRIS, Rosalind R. The Dowlais Iron Company. Social and Moral Welfare, 1810-1860
OSBORN, Fiona M. The Epidemics of Ealing (1876-1964)
PARKES, Hugh Can Girdlestone of Halberton and the Improvement of Agricultural Labouring Conditions in Devon 1862-1872
PARR, Richard The initial choice of the broad gauge by the Great Western Railway
PUGH, Hilary The Origins of a Suburb : The economic, social and administrative development of Harrow, Middlesex, 1841/1861
REES-ROBERTS, T.M. Economic Sources of Inventive Activity in British Agriculture and the Iron and Steel Industry
REEVE, Peter The gowth of traffic on the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway from 1854-1912
RUSSELL, J.H. John Holt - West African trader (the years 1862-1874)
SMITH, Colin C. The life and death of a rural railway : The Royal Deeside Line
WAITE, P. Trade of London in 1819
WEDGE, G. A study of Lead Mining in Swaledale

ATKINSON, Michael Consett Iron Company and its reaction to economic and technological change in the nineteenth century
BAILEY, Graham Population movements into and out of Eastham and West Ham during the 20th century
DAPLIN, Geoffrey I. Melingriffith 1825-47 : A study of a family business in the mid-nineteenth century
DEACON, Bernard Population and Cornish mining in the 19th century
FEGEN, N.A.F. Dulwich
FERGUSON, Cynthia The Frederick Familty
HAMPTON, Nigel A sociographic investigation of the primitive methodists in the High Wycombe Station in the nineteenth century
HUDSON, Paul A History of the Cullumpton Turnpike Trust
JONES, Stephanie The Swansea Chamber of Commerce 1880-1919
LAMB, D. Some aspects of Public Health and Social Conditions in Cheshunt, 1900- 1968
LONGMAN, A. A snapshot of the British Economy
LOWE, G.H. The Bodley Iron Foundry 1860/1940
MATHEWS, Elizabeth A case study in the economic history of the paper industry
MEREDITH, D.G. Fruit farming in East Kent
MERKEL, David M. The Hampton in Middlesex Enclosures Act of 1811 and the final Award of 1826, with particular reference to the state of poor relief and the special position of the kind and the royal estate
MULICH, H.G. The Kingston Upon Hull Incorporation for the Poor from 1906 to 1914 - the poor law locally
NEWTON, T. Co-operation in Warrington - Foundation to the Present Day
PAGE, John The origins of Isleworth Grammar School
ROBINSON, D.H. The operation of the housing of the working classes act (1890) in the 'York Street' and 'Quarry Hill' districts of Leeds, 1890-1906
ROSLING, Keith Elementary Education in Aberdare: the impact of the Education Act of 1870
SJOGREN, F.G.N. The Exeter Gaslight and Coke company 1815-1850
SPOONER, Anthony A study of the Industrial Process in 19th century Darwen
STONE, M. The condition of agriculture in 1800
TAYLOR, R.J. Poverty and paternalism: an aspect of Windsor's poor relief system, 1621- 1829
TAYLOR, S.G. The enclosure of the parish of Cold Aston, otherwise Aston Blank in the County of Gloucester 1795
WHELAN, Virginia A general survey of Portsmouth's coastal trade in the 1820s and 1830s
WOOD, A.G.P. The Threat of Invasion : the reactions resulting from Napoleon's intention to invade England on the local history of east Suffolk up to 1815
WRAIGHT, David The economy of the Beloved Strip and the impact of Missions West-Central Africa
BAGWELL, J.E. The Surrey Iron Railway and its Continuation : The Croydon Merstham and Godstone Railway
BECKER, K. The Foundation and Development of Blundells School, Tiverton; 1604- 1904
CANE, Graham, R. The Stock Exchange Slump, 1928-1933 : three equities in depression
CAVE, Margaret C. Liverpool police strike
GERMON, Trevor J. The Devon & Exeter Savings Bank 1815-1830
GREEN, Richard C. An outline history of the Wiltshire cloth industry, with special reference to Upton Covell
HORNBY, Michael A history of the River Ribble navigation, 1806-1838
IRELAND, Suzanne M. The growth of Littlehampton as a seaside resort
MARTIN, Ian The effect of the railways on the growth of Harrow before 1914
MOFFAT, Brian B. The rise and fall of Penarth Dock and Tidal Harbour 1859-1970
PARKER, Alastair Weston-Super-Mare: Population growth until 1914, and an industrial comparison
PARKES, A.H. Mortality in Exeter
QUINN, Kevin F. The Tamar Brewery, 1829-1840
RAYMOND, Clive B. A short history of the Old Aerodrome at Heston, Middlesex
RICHARDS, Ron The copper smoke problem, nineteenth century Swansea
SHERIDAN, Moira Changes in land use: Parish of Upminster, 1842-1970
SHORLAND, Bernard The Exeter electric light question 1883-1900
TALMADGE, Graham J. History of the Winkleigh School Board, 1874-1886
VAUGHAN, Roger P. Population in a West Shropshire Parish, 1720-1810
AHLUWALIA, Paula Heavy Commercial Road Vehicles in Devon 1903-1920
BAZLEY, Thomas M. A history of the Hawker Aircraft Company 1920-1945
BAXTER, John L. The Latter Years of the Old Poor Law System 1800-34: for the Parish of Hillingdon in Middlesex
BECKHELLING, Janet Agricultural Improvements on the Forest of Dartmoor 1780-1840
BOEX, Simon J. A survey of Hayle shipping during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
COWLING, Elizabeth Howard Muddith Ltd Trading as 'The Paternoster Press'
CROSBY, Linda The Elementary Education Act of 1870 - Its Effects in Exeter
DANGERFIELD, L. 'By Force of Alms' - A financial history of the Methodist Chapel in Mint Lane, Exeter, 1812-1912
DAY, Timon, R. The first London railway: Greenwich to London
DICKINSON, Sheoghan Some aspects of the growth of shop retailing in early nineteenth century Exeter
DUNCAN, Andrew The control of lead poisoning in the Potteries: a study of the legislation leading to its prevention
DUNSE, Michael J. Firehead Magdalen in 1840: A Rural Study
DURANT, Anthony J. The urbanisation of Sutton with particular reference to its effect on local trades and occupations
DURHAM, Paul Exeter Tramways
FAIRRIE, James Fairrie and Company Limited and the sugar industry 1800-1930
FAY, Francis Coal mining in Clifton (Irwell Valley) since 1800
FEARON, Carol A History of Cider Production in Devon
FINNEY, I.S. Extracts from the Life and Business of Thomas Jeffery, Fuller of Exeter, 1667-1742
FLETCHER, Norman H. Windmills in the county of Devon
HANNIS, David J. The Condition of Exeter's Poor 1780-1920
HARDING, Alan C. The changing economic and social functions of

Barnet 1650-1950: a study reflecting the transport revolution and two centuries of suburban growth

HARRIS, John V. The Tithe award for Shoreham 1843 and its economic, farming implications
HENNESSY, Paul A study of property and accommodation in Hampstead and Islington from 1870 to the present day
HODGSON, Jacqueline The Exwick grist mills: late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
HOLLAND, Jane The coastal trade of the South-West Peninsula
HUNT, Keith 'Life, power and industry from the bowels of the earth: Medomsley and Eden Collieries'
JENSON, Michael The local government act 1888 with particular reference to the effects it had on the finance of the East Sussex County Council
JONES, Catherine A. Population growth in Maestag
JUDD, Prudence Blacksmiths in East Sussex 1900-1970
KEENAN, Anne E. The National and Blue Coat School, Hallgate, Wigan (since 1774)
LAND, Sidney Watermills in the Otter Valley
LANGLEY, Yvonne Market retailing in Tavistock and Tiverton in the 19th century
LARKIN, Philip A. The Irish community in Liverpool and the causes of religious discontent to 1910
LATIMER, Jonathan The Tavistock Canal
LOVERING, Brenda J. A study of the Poor Law reform of 1834 with special reference to changes in expenditure on poor relief in the Devonshire Parishes of Chudleigh and Dunsford
MAXEY, John P. Trends in infectious diseases 1908-28
MERRETT, Colin R. The rebuilding of Ewell Parish Church 1847-48
MILNER, D.V.A. Mining and the people of Christow in the nineteenth century
MOORE, Richard The history of a drapers store in Dunstable and the influences affecting its growth
MORRIS, C. A comparative analysis of advertising in Warwick and Leamington in 1810, 1828 and 1899
NORMAN, Victoria The establishment and origin of the Exeter Police 1830-1870
NORTHAM, Anne Jamaican trade 1729/30
OFFEN, John A study of the population and local economy of Hampton, Middlesex in the 16th and 17th centuries
OVERTON, Mark The 1810 crop returns for Cornwall
PERKINS, Stephen A study of crime in Exeter with special reference to the years 1822-32; 1853-63
PRITCHARD, J. An analysis of endowments made to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital over four ten-year periods 1847-1939
PUMPHREY, Laura Urban growth in Devon 1830-1850: Tavistock
ROBINSON, P.W. An Historical Survey of the Population of the Townships of Devonport and Stonehouse in 1851
SYKES, Kathrine A study of crime in Exeter 1801-1839
SCHMITZ, C.J. The Lead Mines of the Teign Valley
THOMAS, J.R. The use of water in Dartmoor mines
THORNE, Jennifer The history of Kalamazoo Ltd

Elizabeth F. Shipping voyages by Devon registered ships to South America 1866-1874

TROUNCER, Stephen The development of St Thomas until 1914
TYRER, Elaine G. A study of the Blaenavon Iron and Coal Company 1836-1864
WILDING, Susan V. The history of two bridges across the Thames, Kew and Richmond
WILSON, Peter R.D. A demographic survey of a Devon Parish 1840-1870: the case of Cheriton Fitzpaine
WORLEY, Robert The Buckinhamshire lace industry in the eighteenth century
WRIGHT, Ian A history of water supply in the Exeter district1830-1900
YOUNG, David A. Life in Birkenhead in the years of the depression and general strike
ZAJAC, Patricia A study of 'Marling & Evans Limited' in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

ADDISON, Paul A study of the bus services in Exeter, 1945-1968
ALLPORT, D.S. Recreation in Exeter, 1851
BALLARD,Anne The growth of Torquay as a resort in the mid-nineteenth century with the coming of the railway
BARNARD, Victoria Inns of the Tiverton Area 1822-1903
BOWDEN, Jane Nineteenth century carriers in Central Devon
CALLAGHAN, Kim Merchant shipping in Devon by the nineteenth century with particular reference to Teignmouth

WILKS, Paul Limekilns in Devon : a local history

EDGE, Chris Transport efects in the Bovey Valley
GABLE, Caroline/

TAYLOR, John A study of the changing occupational structure of Devon in the latter half of the nineteenth century

GROVES, Pamela Poundhouses
HAWKINS, Philip Silverton, A comparison 1840 and 1976
KANEFSKY, John Devon Toll Houses, 1750-1880
KENNAUGH, P.E.T. Newton St Cyres
LINES, M.H. Shobrook
LUCAS, Timothy/

TWIDLE, Paul The social structure of Devon, 1931 and 1961

PAIN, Carole Anne A study of population based on the parish of Ashburton in the county of Devon
PAVEY, Margaret The Palk Family
RESTICK, Susan Claire The alterations to the House and Glebe as recorded in the Devonshire Glebe Terriers 1679-1745
RILEY, John Exeter's working class housing, 1870-1900
SPENCER, Jane Slum clearance, the housing and rehousing of the Artizans in Exeter 1870- 1939

BLACKBURN, Graham The coastal coal trade of Devon in the latter half of the nineteenth century
BLUES, Alex The Dartmoor blowing houses
BROWN, John Disorder and discontent in Devon, c.1830-1850
CULLEN, T.P. The cinematograph Halls of Devon
DAY, Robert The history of Mont-le-Grand
DUFTON, Elizabeth/


McMILLAN, Robert/

RUSE, Elizabeth Industrial Housing in Devon

EDGINTON, Christine A guide to industrial archaeology in Tiverton
HAILEY, John Devonshire Landowners and Industrial Investment 1780-1914
JAMES, Diana The Agricultural Depression of Devon, 1868-1895
LAIZANS, Michael Devonshire Marble
LISTER, Richard Woodland use in the Teign Valley
MONTEITH, Nicholas The 1871 census in Devon
McLEOD, Mary Exeter and Crediton Navigation
MULBERRY, Stephen Shipwrecks around the Devonshire coast, 1850-1899 : A Study
POTTER, D.J. Tuberculosis in Exeter 1914-1955 : A Study
ROBERTS, Susan The Exeter Turnpike Trust
ROGERS, Cheryl The Trade of Teignmouth Port with specific reference to the periods 1880- 1890 and 1900-1910
STANDISH, S.E. Topsham and its shipbuilding industry 1700-1870
STANFORD, Rhoda Industrial history of East Devon
WHILE, Caroline Banking in Exeter, 1820-1835

BABB, J.M. Mount Gould : the building of a 20th century church

HENMAN, M.C. A farm survey : a statistical analysis of groups of farms and farm incomes in the south west

BERTHOUD, Michael The development of dairy farming in east Devon since the war
BRINDLE, David Brixham fishing trawlers : a statistical analysis of the crew lists, 1880-1899
DEMPSEY, P.A.A. How the coming of the railway caused the

development of the fishing village of Poulton into the holiday resort of Morecambe

EMMS, S.C. Agriculture and the changing landscape of Dorset
HUGHES, Christopher An examination of provincial newspapers in Devon
JONES, Stephen The Devon brick industry in the twentieth century
LAWRENCE, Ian 1921-1971 Devon population trends and developments
NEILL, I.A. The Declining Port - A study of Exeter as a Port from 1860 to present
OLIVER, David Building and civil engineering dispute of August 1963 (with special reference to Devon)
PARDOE, M.J.F. The South-West Tourist Industry and Torbay
RANDALL, Angela The role of Devon's endowed charities in the age of the welfare state
SANDERSON, J.P. Airfields and air services in Devon and Cornwall
WILLIAMS, A.J. The cattle plague of 1865-1867 in Great Britain with specific reference to Devon

BAKSTAD, William The new Tiverton turnpike road
BUTLER, Peter A history of education in Silverton before 1870 with particular reference to the role of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 1787-1871
COUGHLIN, Chris The Devon and Exeter Hospital 1755 and 1815
DIXON, Conrad The Exeter Whale Fishery Company 1754-1759
FARR, Richard The Exeter Trinitarian Controversy of 1719, in its social and economic context
GIBB, Stewart Queensberry House, Edinburgh : origins and development of a 19th century charitable poor house
GODWIN, Andrew The Luddites of West Yorkshire
HOLDEN, Sean The nature of poverty in the parish of Cullompton, Devon, from 1745- 1837, based on a study of settlement examination certificates
JONES, Mark The History of Exmouth's Water Supply
MURREY LEE, Denzil The evolution of a Devon village from the 17th century to the present day
NORMAN, Timothy Wheal Friendship
O'HEA, Seamus A social survey of a country parish and its people based on the Parish records
ORTON, Peter The Brewing industry in Burton-on-Trent, late 18th to early 20th century
PADDON, Dina The Arsenic Industry of Cornwall and Devon in the nineteenth century
SHEVLIN, Paul West country fishermen and the Barbary Pirates in the later seventeenth century
STEWART, Evelyn Arsenic Mining in the Tamar Valley
TAYLOR, Christine The decline in the use made of the Exeter port during the period 1890-1914
WALFORD, Jeremy A study of the Barnstaple gas works from 1832 to 1920

ARMSTRONG, Jill A comparison of employment in Devon in the twentieth century
BACK, Steven Shipbuilding in north Devon 1870-1970
BENCH, Anne A history of farm buildings and their functions in Devon with particular reference to farms in the parishes of Kenton and East Budleigh
BROWN, Simon House plans of Vernacular Buildings in the York area, 1550-1700
COLE, John The rise and decline of industrial Handsworth
CRADDOCK, Jillian Bosham Inventories, 1569-1781
DIX, Robert Agriculture in Jersey 1870-1914
EBDON The Development and Commercialisation of Sport in Devon
FAIRHURST, AndrewStation architecture of the Great Western Railway and the London and South Western Railway
FROUD, Julia Aspects of the Maritime History of Topsham
HARDIE, Chris The effect of the dissolution of the monasteries on Tavistock Abbey: the rise of the Russells
KIMBER, Ann The South Devon Railway
MORGAN, Carolyn The development of Kingsbridge and Salcombe, with particular reference to its maritime trading interests in the nineteenth century
MYHILL, Martin The Exeter sewage disposal scheme of 1893-1902
PERKINS, Ann A study of female secondary education in Exeter 1890-1920
PURNELL, John The railways from Exeter to the North Devon coast - from inception to decline
RAMPTON, TimothyAspects of the Markets and Fairs of Devon
ROBERTS, Peter Richard Roberts, Dorset Flax Spinner
ROPER, John The Evans Cotton Mill at Darley Abbey, 1783-1833
STAHEYEFF, N.P. Types of retailing in Exeter High Street and Fore Street, 1835-1977
STEPHENSON, Judith Public Health in Dawlish, 1860-1905
SUTCLIFFE, Gail Mining in the Ilsington-Ashburton area 1830-1900
TATHAM, Timothy A census of quarrying in Devon, east of the River Axe with particular reference to the period 1850-1931
TUCKER, Richard The distribution of public houses in Dawlish and around the Teign estuary in the 18th and 19th centuries
WILSON, Colin The role of trade in the development of Exmouth in the nineteenth century
WRIGHT, Roderick, Poverty and Unemployment in Dartington in the early nineteenth century

BROWN, Philip A cross Sectional Study of Devon in 1851 - analysing population, occupation, household size and migration in the parishes of Dunkeswell Pinhoe, St Kerrian and the Precinct of the Close
BROWN, Stephen Agriculture in the Napoleonic War, The Buckland Barton Estate Experience
COAKLEY, Susan The provision of new markets in Exeter 1820-1844
DENDRICKSON, Leslie The History of the Exeter Gas Light and Coke Company in the late Nineteenth Century
EISENSTADT, Mark The Garton and King Iron Foundry 1860-1900
ELENOR, Vicki The demolition and changing use of Anglican churches in Central Exeter from 1900-1979
ENDACOTT, M.J. Pinhoe 1851-1871 - An analysis of life in a rural Devon village in the nineteenth century
FOX, Michael Industrialisation and self help in a nineteenth century community
GOLDEN, Stephanie Tourism in Devon since 1945
GRAY, Colin Rural crime in Devon : a comparative study of the Easter and Midsummer Quarter Sessions for the County of Devon 1819 and 1830
GUTERRES, Miguel The History of Breweries in Exeter and in particular the early history of the St Anne's Well Brewery
HUTCHINSON The Leys of Trehill
KAY, Roy An enquiry into part of the Exeter parish of St Mary Major as portrayed in the Census of England and Wales, 1871
KEARSLEY, Grania A study of non-commercial farm water wheels in Devon
KILLORAN, Julie A study of the implications of the M5 motorway upon the county of Devon
OWEN, Ann The 1902 Education Act: Its effect on Secondary and Higher Education in Exeter
PAYNE, Rosemary The development of Springfield Road and the surrounding area in both national and local contexts
REES, David The port of Bristol during the immediate post-second world war years
SCAIFE, Jan- Marc Ferries of the River Exe
SINGLETON, Jennifer The growth of the electricity network in Devon 1882-1978

Jane A historical demography of the South Hams, Marlborough, West Alvington and South Huish

WALKER, Gillian The Development of the Gas Industry in Exeter, Devon and the South West
WHITFIELD, Mark The Devon Cloth Industry

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