Excerpts of H. L. Mencken’s Reporting of the Scopes Trial 2012 Ian C. Pilarczyk

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July 17, 1925
Malone was in good voice….His speech, indeed, was one of the best presentations of the case against the fundamentalist rubbish that I have ever heard. It was simple in structure, it was clear in reasoning, and at its high points it was overwhelmingly eloquent. It was not long, but it covered the whole ground and it let off many a gaudy skyrocket, and so it conquered even the fundamentalist. At its end they gave it a tremendous cheer--a cheer at least four times as hearty as that given to Bryan. For these rustics delight in speechifying, and know when it is good. The devil's logic cannot fetch them, but they are not above taking a voluptuous pleasure in his lascivious phrases.

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