Excerpts from Bible as History

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Excerpts from

Bible as History

Digging up the Old Testament.

Werner Keller.

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Excerpts from

Bible as History

Digging up the Old Testament.

Werner Keller.

I. The Coming of the Patriarchs from Abraham to Jacob.

1. In the “fertile crescent.”

2. Ur of the Chaldees.

3. Digging up the flood.

4. A flood-story from old Babylonia.

5. Abraham lived in the kingdom of Mari.

6. The long journey to Canaan.

7. Abraham and Lot in the land of purple.

II. In the Realm of the Pharaohs

from Joseph to Moses.

8. Joseph in Egypt.

9. Four hundred year’s silence.

10. Forced labour in Pithom and Raamses.

III. Forty Years in the Wilderness

from the Nile to the Jordan.

11. On the road to Sinai.

12. At the mountain of Moses.

13. Under desert skies.

14. On the threshold of the promised land.

IV. The Battle for the Promised Land

from Joshua to Saul.

15. Israel invades.

16. Under Deborah and Gideon.

17. The warriors from Caphtor.

18. Under the yoke of the Philistines.

V. When Israel Was

an Empire from David to Solomon.

19. David, a great king.

20. Was Solomon a “copper king”?

21. The queen of Sheba as a business partner.

22. Israel’s colourful daily life.

VI. Two Kings — Two Kingdoms

from Rehoboam to Jehoiachin.

23. The shadow of a new world power.

24. The end of the northern kingdom.

25. Judah under the yoke of Assyria.

26. The seductive religions of Canaan.

27. The end of Nineveh as a world power.

28. The last days of Judah.

VII. From the Exile to

the Maccabean Kingdom

from Ezekiel to John Hyrcanus.

29. Education through exile.

30. Sunset in the ancient orient.

31. Cyrus, king of Persia.

32. Return to Jerusalem.

33. Under Greek influence.

34. The battle for religious liberty.

Digging Up the New Testament.

I. Jesus of Nazareth.

35. Palestine on Mare Nostrum.

36. The star of Bethlehem.

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