Excerpt from Hiroshima – John Hersey Reading Activity

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Excerpt from Hiroshima – John Hersey

Reading Activity

  1. By the summer of 1945 the United States had a new weapon to use against the Japanese forces still fighting in the Pacific Theater. What was this weapon?

  1. What is the date of the first atomic bomb attack? Where did it happen?

  1. Why were many citizens of Hiroshima worried about their city even though it had not been touched by American B-29 Bombers?

  1. Who is the lead character in this story and what is his occupation?

  1. Why had the police been questioning Tanimoto only days before the bombing?

  1. What task was Mr. Tanimoto trying to accomplish that morning?

  1. How big is Hiroshima’s population?

  1. What was the first evidence of the atomic bomb exploding?

  1. What chain of events happened in Mr. Tanimoto’s life that morning which allowed him to escape death from the bomb?

  1. What choices did the United States have for ending the war in the Pacific? Do you think President Truman made the right choice? Why?

How do you think the lives of the survivors were changed forever by the events surrounding the dropping of the atomic bomb?

How might our lives be different if Truman did not use the bomb and we did not live in an atomic age?

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