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The significance of the title The Rose That Grew From Concrete is that the rose symbolizes Tupac, who overcame (rose from) his difficult childhood and became a talented musician and writer. Tupac Amaru Shakur's life is featured in the short biographical article “Tupac,” and he wrote the aforementioned book of poetry in order to symbolize his victory over the struggles in his life: "Long live the rose that grew from concrete / when no one else ever cared" (Shakur 8 & 9). Tupac's childhood was fraught with turbulence—drugs, neglect, and poor examples—yet he became successful ("Tupac" para. 1 & 2). This success shows an unlikely situation—beauty sprouting from something ugly. Just as Tupac overcame incredible odds to become successful, so would a rose have to be extremely resilient to grow from concrete.
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2786 -> The Dawn of a New Era (Trevor Wilson) niagara falls, New York
2786 -> Soaps-tone Reading Strategy For mlk jr.’s “i have a Dream” Speech Speaker
2786 -> Name: Period: january 4, 1923, white mob destroys small black community in rosewood, florida today in crime history
2786 -> Prompt: In the form of a multiparagraph essay, explain the central idea and theme of Jim Murphy’s

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