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Hastings & St Leonards News 1848 Begging

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Hastings & St Leonards News 1848


Ann Murphy was brought up by police-constable Adams, and charged with wandering about the town begging; she had been dodging the police for some days, and upon the previous day, after being cautioned by Adams, and getting some distance from him, she made some very impertinent actions.

Committed to Hastings Gaol for seven days to hard labour.

Hastings & St Leonards News 1848

Sleeping out

Catherine Abbely, aged 34, with a child in her arms, was brought up in custody of Sergeant Ginner, who stated that on the previous night, at about half-past ten o' clock, he found the prisoner lying down on the ground with her child on Mr. Fielder's premises at the Priory; and on his interrogating her, she said that she had no lodging; on which he told her to go to the station; this she refused to do, and notwithstanding all his persuasions, persisted in remaining where she was. He then endeavoured to remove her, on which she became very abusive, and screamed "Murder", to the annoyance of the whole neighbourhood, and was very noisy and troublesome, being evidently drunk. In removing her to the station, he had to drag her a considerable distance.

The prisoner denied having been drunk, and said that she was suffering at the time from hunger, fatigue, and "trouble." The police were "such brutes and such liars" - they had used her shamefully, worse than a dog ought to be treated, much more a female. They had torn her gown, and dragged her in the mud, and Sergeant Ginner had struck her across the leg with his staff, in proof of which she exhibited a frightful bruise.

Sergeant Ginner denied having drawn his staff at all.

Mr. John Fielder, on whose premises the woman was found, stated that being unable to get rid of her himself, he went for the police, who having in vain tried to persuade her to go to the station, were under the necessity of removing her, in doing which he did not see them use any unneccessary (sic) violence.

The prisoner then committed to the town jail for ten days.

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