Evolution Review Sheet [17. 5 points] Section 1 Charles Darwin and Other Scientists

- blend into environment, make it less visible to predators

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- blend into environment, make it less visible to predators

  • Where or how does an organism get an adaptation?
    - adaptations are inherited

  • What does it mean for an animal to be “fit” or have a high fitness?
    - high ability to survive and reproduce in a given environment

  • Before the industrial revolution, why were the grey peppered moths considered more “fit?”
    - grey blended in to their environment better, so they were less visible to predators and more able to survive and reproduce

  • What does evolution mean?
    - change in allele frequency over time

      1. What is the name of the process or “mechanism” that carries out evolution?

    - natural selection

      1. Can an individual organism evolve in its own lifetime? Why?
        - no- evolution is the change in allele frequencies of POPULATION over GENERATIONS

      2. Can a species evolve generation to generation? Why?

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