Evolution Review Sheet [17. 5 points] Section 1 Charles Darwin and Other Scientists

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Evolution Review Sheet [17.5 points]

Section 1 Charles Darwin and Other Scientists

    1. Darwin’s ship is named the Beagle

    2. Darwin stopped at _the Galapagos Islands on his trip around the world and made many of his observations.

    3. Darwin noticed the finches from different islands had different shaped beaks because they had adapted to different environments.

    4. After his trip, Darwin concluded the finches came from a common ancestor.

    5. Hutton and _Lyell studied geology and determined the Earth was millions of years old.

    6. Lamarck believed organisms acquired traits through use or disuse and passed them to offspring.

    7. Darwin’s book is called On the Origin of Species.

    8. What is artificial selection?

- Humans breed animals for certain traits. humans select the organisms that will breed and reproduce offspring.

    1. How is artificial selection different than natural selection?

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