Evita – The Musical” 15 minutes 3 texts on Eva Peron

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Biography Worksheet- Developing An Angle
The Enigma of the Evita Myth

Evita-the woman behind the myth” Documentary

Evita – The Musical” 15 minutes

3 texts on Eva Peron

  1. In your view, which text on Eva Peron has the greatest impact or influence on you? Why? Why? What determines this impact? (Scale)

  1. Each of these texts [visual/ written] presents an aspect of the subject/ person. Each of these texts develops an angle through which we appreciate the person .

Pick any written text and both film texts and describe how the writer/film-maker develops his angle.

You may use the following to guide you

Written Text 1

Evita The Musical

Evita The Woman Behind the Myth

Angle/ Focus or Point of View

Describe the impact the introduction has on you

Sequence Plot
How is the information organized? Is there a particular reason for this? What are the advantages and drawbacks of choosing this form of organization?

Evidence Used

Given all this information on Eva Peron and the life she led, suggest an alternative angle that might give greater insight into the person that she truly was

What evidence can you find to support your views?
Biographies have been written on people from various sectors in society, from entertainers to politicians priests to terrorists. How do biographers choose their subjects? Suggest a few criteria and justify your ideas.
Recap of 3Fs - Biography


1. Interview- interpersonal interaction

2. Pictures, images and photos- concrete artefacts ( documentary)

3. Narrative eg Evita- Musical

4. Newspapers- Feature article/ editorial

5. Timeline- historical, chronological approach


  1. Inform- amuse and inspire

  2. Recount life story and notable achievements

  3. Evaluate impact of achievements

  4. Assess the validity of certain normative comments- resolve controversy

  5. Develop a reasoned angle and response to conflicting multiple sources.


  1. Tense- Past, past perfect, present??

  2. Modals- used for degree and conditionality

  3. Passive voice- Objectivity? Victim of circumstance or master of destiny?

  4. Connectors to show sequence and logic

  5. Organisational principle- subheadings to highlight focus areas

Assess how each form has advantages and limitations in sustaining and developing a viable angle in a biography
Consider the impact of narrative patterning in the writing of biographies, eg flashbacks, foreshadowing, in medias res, starting at the ending, circular mode of reference to closure at start and vice versa.

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Sec 3 English

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