Everyday lives Edmund Morgan

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Everyday lives

Edmund Morgan, The Puritan family

J. William Frost, The Quaker family in colonial America

John Demos, Turning points

John Demos, Past present and personal, the family and the life course in American History

Winthrop Jordan [ed], Race and family in the colonial south

Phillippe Aries, Centuries of Childhood

Philip Greven, The protestant temperament

R & D Wertz, Lying In: A history of childbirth in America

Jan Lewis, The pursuit of happiness

Catherine Scholten, Childbearing in American society, 1650-1850

Barry Levy, Quakers and the American family

Laurel Ulrich, A midwife's tale, the life of Martha Ballard

L.T Ulrich, Good wives, image and reality in lives of women in Northern New England

Catherine Scholten, Childbearing in American Society

Rogert Thompson, Women in Stuart England and America

Lee Chambers-Schiller, Liberty, a better husband: single women in America, the generations of 1780-1840

Norton, Mary BethLiberty's daughters : the Revolutionary experience of American women, 1750-1800 : with a new preface

J.L Newton, Sex and class in women's history

P C Hoffer, Murdering Mothers

Kathleen Brown, Good Wives, Nasty Wenches and Anxious Patriarchs

Catherine Clinton & Michele Gillespie (eds), The Devil's Lane: Sex and Race in the Early South

Carla Gardina Pestana and Sharon V. Salinger Inequality in early America

Allan Kulikoff, From British peasants to colonial American farmers

Carol Berkin Women's voices, women's lives : documents in early American history

Richard Godbeer, Sexual Revolution in Early America

John Pagan, Anne Orthwood's Bastard: Sex and law in Early Virginia

Barbara E. Lacy, ed., The world of Hannah Heaton: The diary of an 18thC New England Farm woman

William Henry Foster, The Captor’s Narrative: Catholic Women & their Puritan Men on the Early American Frontier

Terry L Snyder, Brabbling Women: Disorderly Speech & the law in Early Virginia

Bushman, Richard L. From Puritan to Yankee : character and the social order in Connecticut, 1690-1765

Billy G. Smith, Down and Out in Early America

Simon Newman, Embodied History: The lives of the Poor in Early Philadelphia

Martha Hodes, White Women, Black Men: Illicit Sex In The Nineteenth Century South.

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