Everybody was afraid of making a step, moving, running, walking crossing land, why? Landmines. It wasn't safe. My country, one of the most unique in nature places in the world, had landmines in the border of peru/chile

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Everybody was afraid of making a step, moving, running, walking crossing land, why? Landmines. It wasn't safe. My country, one of the most unique in nature places in the world, had landmines in the border of peru/chile. When people knew that, they started talking and they knew the best thing was to sign the treaty mine ban. In november 2012 started talking about when they will start to demine all of there, because people couldn't walk there last february they prohibited people going, thousands of people that wanted to grow crops or to farm couldn't because of that, Peru notice that it was better to start demining landmines because it was a very dangerous thing for kids women and gentlemen, Landmines should be banned, why should you be afraid of walking in your own home, what if on your house, where you construct your home there is a landmine under, you don't know where they are, why should you be scared of something that can be eliminated.

People had been hurt, Animals everyone. UN has a lot of treaties for landmines, to ban them and to delete them from their country but also not to use them again, people do not agree in the Ottawa Treaty that it means Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction. Some people might not agree to demine all of it, but why should we be scared of landmines, why.  Land mines is a serious topic all around the world because everybody is suffering of doubts. Why should we have them if they just cause pain. People suffer a lot by not knowing why people still allowed to have them, people all around the world are angry about it, their child, boys of 3 years old innocent child by just playing outside runs the risk of getting hurt by a landmine. A landmine is an explosive mine, that just making pressure in it explodes, they are placed under dirt, grass etc so when people walk and step on them they automatically explode by hurting they legs or arms. there are different types of landmines. People agree with what the UN is working about the landmines, but other countries don't want to sign the Ottawa Treaty because it also means to stop reproducing and using, not only demining and not everyone would like to stop using  eru already signed a treaty to sign to banned all of them and last year all of the landmines that were in the border of peru were gone, they took them in one month, they don’t have information if Peru signed the Ottawa Treaty. I would like to achieve all landmines to be eliminated from the world and there is no more production for them, there is no need to hurt other innocent people that has nothing to do with problems of the countries, and because of that things they can't even walk without feeling scared

Peru has been having problems in the past by the landmines they left in the border of peru/chile and people could not even  walk by there or grow crops, people was scared, Peru notice and chile too they signed the treaty of banning the landmines, they said in october 2012 they will delete all of them and in november all of them were deleted in the border, Peru had a lot of landmines in the border, people was getting hurt a lot and peru and chile got allies to start doing a lot of work they finished everything and they also helped other countries get along with the landmines, My country has signed the Ottawa treaty and bann all of the landmines, they don’t want more of the reproduction and that is why my delegation is trying to say all over the world they should be deleting all of them to prevent people getting hurt. Peru started using landmines a long time ago, and when they finished that conflict the landmines were left there and nobody knew until a man went and it exploded, they need to cut his leg and after that problem they started talking the solutions, so Peru was the alley from chile so together they can eliminate all of the landmines they had and Peru looks forward to stop landmines all over the world, now that they signed the treaty of banning all of them and the Ottawa Treaty.

Landmines should not be aloud, now that innocent people that has nothing to do with war and explosives, have been hurt, when war ended, they are still there and people have to amputee their legs, I propose to every delegate to start thinking about your family, imagine if you are in a position where you don't know if you are stepping on one, why should we have landmines if there is a danger for everyone, animals men women kids babies a lot of persons that has nothing to do with that. Lets make a solution and sign the Ottawa treaty so that this is threatened is finished I am willing to convince other countries to sign the ottawa treaty, even do there is a need to use landmines if there is another world war, not always landmines would be the solution To start telling other people the damage and danger all the people in their nation is suffering of not knowing if there are landmines, stop reproducing, doing and using. its not fair to hurt other people’s life. Signing the Ottawa treaty is like signing peace for all the families out there, worried and not knowing if they are in danger.
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