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Events that are sponsored by departments, student groups, etc., that do not have direct EWU Library or librarian involvement

Pre-Event Activities:

  • Face to Face meeting may or may not be required- at JFK event coordinator’s discretion

Event Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Submit appropriate event requests to JFK Dean’s Office at least 5 weeks prior to the event. If sponsors are a student group, they will also need to submit an event request to SAIL before we can approve the event.

  • Make arrangements for payment for refreshments and event supply/services

  • Coordinate with guests/speakers

  • Solicit participation from campus community

  • Create presentations, posters, displays for the event and provide to library administration staff for advertising within the library. (Library staff can help you with designing, printing, & posting flyers when time allows.)

  • Set up event or provide direction for set-up

  • Participate in event meetings with library staff if necessary

  • Provide MARCOM necessary PR

JFK Responsibilities:

  • Reserve and help prepare event space

  • On stand-by to provide assistance with PR creation, and help to publicize (post on campus, Library website, bright boards)

  • Coordinate with Event Planning to arrange refreshments for event. Outside department will be responsible for dining services contract and payment (unless special circumstances or Dean approval applies)

  • Coordinate with OIT for event tech needs

  • Coordinate with trucking for event furnishing needs

  • Library staff are not responsible for creating event topics/material, but may assist in flyer creation and promotions



Events co-developed by university departments/faculty/student groups AND an EWU subject librarian and/or Outreach Librarian. Event duties are shared between these partners and will be outlined in pre-event meetings.

Pre-Event Activities:

  • Due to collaborative nature of shared event and event responsibilities, a face-to-face meeting is necessary

  • Event roles will be discussed and divided at this meeting

Shared Responsibilities:

  • Event form submitted by outside entity or through EWU Outreach or Subject Area Librarian

  • Participate in meeting with JFK event team to clearly outline event goals, expectations, timeline, and roles

  • As outlined in meeting, carry out event roles. Share responsibilities as outlined below

Co- Sponsor & EWU Libraries Responsibilities: (to be decided in pre-event meetings)

  • Co-sponsors may support the activity with funding and/or display creation (posters, displays, book collections, speaker details)

  • Co-sponsors will communicate needs and process status with one another

  • Co-sponsors create or co/create PR, disburse across campus and to MARCOM

  • JFK can co-create event materials such as pulling books for display or helping with promotional flyer.

  • JFK can submit PR to MarCom as well as disperse across campus but it is vital both parties work together to provide all the information necessary to create material.

  • JFK can coordinate with Event Planning to arrange refreshments for event and may fund said refreshments if requested and approved by the Dean of Libraries

  • JFK can coordinate with OIT for event tech needs

  • JFK can coordinate with trucking for event furnishing needs

  • The department paying the speaker fees will request MOA for guest stipends and complete related paperwork

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