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Blessed to be a blessing

Volume 59, Issue 5_____________________________ _______ ________ __May 2015

It’s All in the Attitude”

In The Anatomy of an Illness: As Perceived by the Patient, Norman Cousins tells of being hospitalized with a rare, crippling disease. When he was diagnosed as incurable, Cousins checked out of the hospital. Aware of the harmful effects that negative emotions can have on the body, Cousins reasoned the reverse was true. So he borrowed a movie projector and prescribed his own treatment, consisting of Marx Brothers films and old "Candid Camera" reruns. It didn't take long for him to discover that 10 minutes of laughter provided two hours of pain free sleep. Amazingly, his debilitating disease was eventually reversed. After the account of his victory appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, Cousins received more than 3000 letters from appreciative physicians throughout the world.  (Today in the Word, MBI, December 18, 1991.)

Our attitudes about life can greatly affect who we are and what we can become. We make a choice on the way we look at the world. We can look at the negative things happening around us and become depressed, unable to function in a healthy way or we can choose to try to find the positives in everything. It is all in the attitude and the perspective we choose to take. A person, for example diagnosed with a horrible illness can look at that and feel there is no hope or they can attack the illness in a positive way finding ways to grow in the midst of their struggles. We can choose the way we reframe the inevitable ups and downs that are a part of everyday life.

Jesus had a positive attitude in everything he did. He had his struggles just like we do, but through his attitude turned those struggles into new life.

As we continue to move forward here at EvUCC, attitude is everything. We have wonderful opportunities to truly become a church of “What If”. The possibilities are unlimited of what we can accomplish if we trust in Jesus to lead us and have a positive attitude toward an ever changing world. It is time for us to continue to look to the future finding ways to become new. It is all in the attitude.

Peace in the Risen Christ!

Pastor Chris

You Gotta Keep Em’ Separated”

-The Offspring (90’s Rock Band)

This month a college student sent me a text regarding a late-night discussion she was having with friends in the dorms. One girl suggested the following:

What if God is like Santa Claus and is only there to instill good behavior in His followers? As in, [what if] He’s a myth to make humans not be evil? And what if people made Him up and used it into scaring people into being good?”

I realized my response is one I’ve given many people over the years because this question had been on my heart at one time in my life, and maybe yours too.

God actually DOESN’T ‘instill good behavior nor scare people into being good’; at least I’ve never seen Him do that ;) Human Interpretation (religion) does that. So those statements are byproducts of an otherwise wholesome entity, molded poorly by humanity. Another example might be government. We all might agree it’s a good idea (even BEST) practice for society to have, but most people are so jaded and disenchanted by it, because humanity has ‘botched it’

So it’s unfair to conflate God and religious practice/ideology. Instead, it’s worth investigating if we can find where the Truth… of God begins/ends, and where religion takes over/manipulates/distorts.”

This separation is not meant to be defaming to the idea of religion or God in the least. But it is an incredibly important distinction. When a news story tells of a church worker accused of a crime, it doesn’t mean God is any less virtuous. When a church protests in hateful ways towards certain people, it doesn’t make God any less loving. When religious fanaticism convinces groups of people that violence is the way to cleanse this world, it doesn’t make God any less peaceful.

God is God regardless of how humanity navigates that Truth. At its best, religion enables us to understand, worship, and serve God because of an experiential, intellectual, and practical understanding of who He is and wants us to be. At its worst, religion can distort an otherwise amazing Being to conform to our own broken desires or ideas. To put it another way, religion and its institutions are inherently neutral, able to be guided and molded by the passions and understandings of the people that comprise it. So that allows them to be good, bad, or ugly; they are ever-changing and at the whim of the majority. But God is steadfast; His Truth does not waver nor can it be changed based on how we understand Him, and this is great news!

So when you talk to your friends and family and they’ve “given up” on church because of something in a church service or something a church leader did, or some isolated position or public stance, maybe part of your role can be to encourage them that the idea, the principle, and the Truth of God might be misrepresented by human hands in your eyes, but it is still worth our time, investigation, and energy to pursue because those broken things are done at the hands of humans, not God. He still is as loving, virtuous, peaceful, and eager to be in relationship with us as ever.

“God is good [and humans are not] all the time! And all the time, God is good!”

Love your hearts,

Pastor Will


We need people to lead our Sunday school classes this summer for children ages preschool through 6th grade. If you like working with children but lack time for full time commitment, this is your chance to pick one or several Sundays with a friend or family member to lead a children's' Sunday School class.
The lessons are provided so all you need is to be ready for some engaging fun with our students. Summer Sunday School will start June 7th and continue through mid-August. Please contact Darlene or the church office with dates you would like to help with our Summer Sunday School program.

Teacher Appreciation - May 3rd

If you have led or helped in our Sunday School classes for adults or children - please join us at the 10:15 worship service to be recognized for your contribution to our Christian Education program. Mark your calendars and see you there.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOLimage result for hometown nazareth vbs decorating ideas

We are in need of many volunteers to help children explore the culture of Jesus’ boyhood. You can help as a class leader, as one of the Marketplace shopkeepers, or any area you are interested in. At Hometown Nazareth everyone will become a part of history as they see, hear, touch, and even taste what it was like to live in Jesus’ hometown! These experiences make god’s Word come alive with new meaning for all who participate!

  • Mark your calendars and join us July 27-31 for Hometown Nazareth VBS.

  •  The Adventure starts at 9:00am and ends at 11:15am .

  • To sign up to help you can call 654-7459 or contact Darlene.


The next Men's Breakfast will be Saturday, May 9 at 8:00.  John Klueter will speak to us on "Stories...Our Stories, a part of our lives".  Come join us for some good food and fellowship.


The Memorial Day Parade is on Monday, May 25th. Anyone interested in walking in the parade and supporting our veterans come join us. We will meet at  Highland High School this year.  The parade route will go down Troxler and the new Veterans Memorial Parkway to the new park.  More details will be announced in church. Any questions, please contact the board or Tim Marti 618-660-7846.

The next church breakfast will be on Sunday, June 7th.  Hope to see you there.


The Women’s guild Mothers and Other Banquet will be held on May 9th at 6:30 p.m. The entertainment this year will be Soft Fire Music Ministry by Rev. David and Pat Pence. It is entitled “Train Trip Across America.” Tickets may be purchased on Sunday April 26 and May 3rd after both services. Adult tickets are $8.00, children 4 to 10 are $4.00 and children under 4 are free. Tickets may also be purchased at the church office. Please join us for an evening of fellowship and fun.



Wow!!!  We just cannot believe that our 2014-15 school year is just about over.  All of the Peppermint Staff think this year has just gone by so quickly.  However, we can tell that our students are ready to move forward.  The 3’s want to do more and more.  The 4’s and AKer’s are looking forward to their visit to the “Big” school.  They are ready for their kindergarten challenge.

The 4’s program and graduation is on Monday, May 18.  Our final program for the 3’s is Tuesday, May 19.  Both will be held in the church sanctuary.  All of our classes are preparing for their performances.
We had several people register on Saturday, April 11.  Our classes are beginning to fill up.  We still have available spots in all classes, so please keep sharing our name and number with your family, friends and neighbors.  We appreciate all of your previous help and continued support.  We also thank each and every person who patronized our Mazzio night.  We hope to receive our check very soon.  Every teacher is choosing something they would like for their classroom.
 Our students look forward to sunny skies and warmer days.  They are looking forward to spending time outdoors.  Every class will most likely go on nature walks looking for spring flowers, tree leaves, birds and hopefully ducks in the tiny waterway by the walking bridge.  Our last few weeks of school will certainly be busy and go by in a flash. 

We hope everyone enjoys God’s spring gifts of beauty.   

 Miss Beckie and the Peppermint Staff



 Our Summer Merge Service begins again at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 7 and will run through Ralley Day on Sunday, September 13.  What a great opportunity for us as a Church to worship together in one service.  It will be an amazing solid worship experience and a great time of fellowship.  It is good for us to step out of our comfort zones and get to know each other a little better.  Many positive comments were made last year when we merged both services during the short summer months.  We are becoming a church of "What If", willing to explore the possibilities of what we can become in the name of Jesus Christ our Risen Lord.  Let us embrace this opportunity together as we worship our God as one family of faith. 

Celebrate 175 Years is Starting NOW

We are celebrating our church’s 175th birthday in September (Rally Day Sunday) to honor our history and reflect on all the accomplishments our congregation has seen in those 175 years. We wish to display, one Sunday per month, some of the memorabilia and artifacts that have been a part of our church family. We are inviting our members and the community to participate by submitting suggestions and photos of things that they have saved that pertain to events in our history. Please E-mail your submission to: yours_truly@mail.com, including your name, phone number and a brief description of the item.


Thanks to everyone who put together the treat box!! I shared with some of my fellow workers and not a single treat was left. Thanks for thinking of me. Treats are always welcome! Thanks again!!

Ben Sparlin, AF, Nevada


Thanks to the many “Faith Drivers” who have helped me out with rides to doctors’ appointments: Gene Redman, Steve Thiems and Gloria Klaus. Your thoughtfulness and willingness to devote your time to help at times of need are greatly appreciated.

Betty Legier

Rodney Zobrist for pulling up our soaked carpet pad in the youth room and replacing it with new and re-laying the carpet.

Celebrate 50 years of
Illinois South Conference & DuBois Center
at Gateway Grizzlies Stadium on May 3

Here's what you may see and do!!

Music Schedule

2:30 - 3:00 pm   Rainbow Bluegrass Pickup Band  http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs114/1103863315619/img/2823.jpg

3:00 - 4:00 pm   Venedy Band  

4:00 - 5:00 pm   Waterloo German Band
5:00 - 5:30 pm Geoffrey Black & Eden Jazz Band
5:30 - 6:00 pm Steel Drummer, Nigel Thomas
6:00 - 7:00 pm  Backroads
7:00 - 8:00 pm   Sheltered Reality   

Here is the tentative schedule...

2:15 - 3:00 pm  Warm Up and Try-Outs for Home Run Derby 

3:00 - 4:00 pm  Home Run Derby (Kids can shag balls in the outfield.) 

4:00 - 4:30 pm  Tug of War (Get your team together!!)

4:30 - 5:30 pm  Kick Ball Tournament (Get your team together - Region or church!)

5:30 - 6:00 pm  Tricycle Races

6:00 - 7:00 pm   Field open to kids wanting to hit and run bases

2:15 - 8:00 pm  Games galore!! 

Event advanced ticket cost is $5 per individual or $10 per family (regardless of size). At the Gate ticket cost is $10 per individual or $15 per family.

For tickets to the event and/or to order t-shirts (sample in the Narthex), check with the church office.


We rejoice in the birth of:

Lucas Lee Schlechte born Sunday, April 19th to Josh and Andrea Schlechte.

We celebrate the baptism of:
Cayson Lee Jenny baptized on April 19th. Cayson is the son of Zachary and Heather Jenny.

We bestow blessings on the marriage of:

Brittany Martin and Dustin Shires married on April 18th. Dustin is the son of Cindy Shires.

Also, please continue to pray for…

Bob Barney, Marie Bimes, Robin Chumbris, Marge Clayton, Florence Collmann, Carolyn Crabtree, Jeanne Dankenbring, Viola Deibert, Randy Dellamano, Gene and Debra Dilley (Marsha Rinderer’s sister and brother-in-law), Rev. Tom Drewer, Jared Emig (nephew of Jerry and Karla Zurliene), Alma Erwin, Ellen Gelly, Olivia Genteman, Elaine Grundhoefer (Harold Byers’ sister), Maurie Henricks (Tom’s father), Carol Hoffman, Don Hundsdorfer, Curt Iberg, Janet Jenny, Dorothy Johnson (Aunt of Ron and Kathy Schneider), Betty Kamm, Penny Kapp (Kay Wellen’s sister), Vera Kunz, Betty Legier, Herman Louer, Linda Luebers, Mary Marchal, Ruth Meffert, Henry Metzger, Joe Michaelis, Becky Morris (Shirley Hug’s niece), Daniel Morris, Richard Moser, Dale Nagel, Anthony Perez (friend of Steve and Denise Clayton), Jessie Powers, Alicia Rayner (Al & Shirley Flath’s daughter), Paula Redman, Sandra Reinacher, Don Rinderer, Laurie Rinderer (daughter-in-law of Dennis and Sharon), Joan Sackett, Amy Schneider (daughter-in-law of Ron and Kathy), Flo Schneider, Doris (mother of Barb Stallard), Nathan Steding, Gloria Stuckwisch, Samantha Strom (friend of Tina Kutzgar), Carladine Vulliet, Alvin Whitsell (Florence Collmann’s brother-in-law), Dale Wiesemeyer (Niala Keilbach’s brother), and Kathy Wilsman (Nancy Byers’ sister), and Howard Zbornak.

May Service Calendar





May 3

8:00 Stan Giffhorn Gloria Klaus
Bob Kruse Janet Kruse
Tom Wehrle Merle Wernle
Rodney Zobrist Debi Zobrist

10:15 Gene Redman Paula Redman

Brad Grohmann

8:00 Jill Foehner

10:15 Shirley Anderson

9:00 Jane Sudhoff

10:00 Shirley Hug

May 10

8:00 Dennis Calvert Paula Shea-Calvert
Carl Baumann Pat Zobrist

10:15 Adam Barton Briana Barton

Ron Schneider Kathy Schneider

8:00 Jeanne Meyer

10:15 Paula Redman

9:00 Dena Henricks

10:00 Ruthie Shownes

May 17

8:00 Al Holt Sandy Holt
Margaret Rowold Shirley Sackett
10:15 Wayne Fenton Nancy Fenton
Ron Shownes Ruthie Shownes

8:00 Soundra Green

10:15 Dennis Foehner

9:00 Tracey Zobrist

10:00 Jan Tebbe

May 24

8:00 Jim Gifford Barb Gifford
Clyde Henderson Karen Henderson
10:15 Wayne Marcus Marion Marcus
Roy Reinarman Melissa Renarman

8:00 Janice Hartman

10:15 Elaine Fenton

9:00 Donna Brendel

10:00 Alicia VerDuin

May 31

8:00 Paul Tucker Elva Tucker
Sherry Fletcher Delores Halbe
10:15 Karla Zurliene Vicky Rankin
Connie Sparlin Craig Welz

8:00 Tami Kampwerth

10:15 Dawn DeNap

9:00 Karla Zurliene

10:00 Alicia VerDuin


May 3


May 24

Wee Care/Pepp

May 10


May 31


May 17

Christian Ed

Lost but now Found –

One gold hoop earring with diamonds. If you have the match, come to the church office.

Excerpts from the ISC Weekly Connection

 Team T-shirts 

Order Your Commemorative T-shirt Today!! 

Celebrate the history of mission work in Illinois South Conference and DuBois Center on Sunday, May 3 from 2:30 pm - 3 pm at the Gateway Grizzlies Stadium. 

We want to create a "sea of t-shirts" representing the pride of belonging to the United Church of Christ. Shirts are $10 for the sport shirt and $8 for the regular T-shirt. Illinois South Conference will have the run of the entire park. Go down on the field to play games. Enjoy horse rides on a horse from the DuBois herd. Listen  to the music of 6+ bands and performers. Eat at the concession stand and enjoy the history of Illinois South Conference and DuBois Center. 

Advanced ticket cost is $5 per individual or $10 per family (regardless of size)

At the Door ticket cost is $10 per individual or $15 per family 

WE NEED TRICYCLES!!  If you have access to a tricycle and are willing to loan it to us on May 3, please contact Shirley Bergmann at sbergmann@iscucc.org.

For tickets to the event and/or to order t-shirts, check with your church office or contact Shirley Hoy at 618-281-7375 or lahsjh21@gmail.com or Carol Faust at 618-281-4891 or cjfaust@htc.net.  

******************************************************************************************************************************************REGISTER for SUMMER CAMP! Registration is open for summer camps at DuBois Center. You may register online or by mail. You can find a camp schedule or the full camp brochure in your church office or online. You may also contact DuBois Center to receive a brochure by mail at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202


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May 21

May 26

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