Evaluation of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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11. Research design
The study will be conducted in accordance with the case study design, which is one of the qualitative research designs. Qualitative designs include a case study, the narrative study, and the phenomenological study (Creswell,2014: 73). The case study design will be chosen because the case study approach helps in providing an in-depth understanding of participants perceptions focuses on identifying cases such as an event, program, or activity with a real-life approach (Creswell & Poth, 2018:64). On the other hand, the narrative research approach helps in exploring participants’ life experiences expressed in their own words (Ntinda, 2019:72). This approach will not appropriate because the research does not focus on an individual or biography of a person. Additionally, phenomenology can be used by the researcher while conducting a study regarding participants’ lived experiences at or during the time the event occurs (Ashiq, 2020:53).The research will focus on an embedded case study of Rosebank and Killarney Malls for examination of the impact and effectiveness of CCTV technology. In (Creswell,2014:82) a case study is defined as an intensive analysis of an individual unit (such as a person or community,organisation ) stressing developmental factors in relation to environment. The reason for the choice of case by author is simple a choice of [the] object to be studied (Stake,2000:65).The objective of a case study is to dig out the characteristics of a particular entity and its key distinguishable attributes include focus on a single unit, in depth description of a phenomenon, anchored on real live scenarios and uses multiple data collection methods (Babbie & Mouton,2016:64). Similarly, (Stake, 2000:34). a case study as a is depicted as a phenomenon of some sort occurring in a bounded context. The proposer prefers what (Yin,203:44) defined a case study as an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context, especially when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident. This study aims to analyze the impact and effectiveness of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems for public safety and security: A case study of Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg.

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