Evaluation of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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6. Research questions
According to (Babbie & Mouton, 2016:45) in qualitative research it is typical to write one to three central research questions. The research question in a study is an essential factor when using the case study approach because it answers who, what, and where questions (Rashid,2019:72). Additionally, Creswell (2014:106) recommended that qualitative researchers only ask one or two central questions followed by no more than five to seven sub-questions. Several sub-questions follow each general central question, and the sub-questions narrow the focus of the study but leave open the questioning” (p.112) In this proposed qualitative research study, the research questions will encapsulate the essence of what the research study is trying to uncover (the ontological, epistemological, and methodological stance of the research study (Crewell,2014:55).According to (Creswell,2013:52), research questions embed the values, world view and direction of an inquiry. In this study, there were three research questions and will help guide this qualitative research study:
RQ: Tell me a bit about your background and experience in the use of CCTV technology.
RQ: What is the level of awareness of CCTV camera security practices In Rosebank and
Killarney Malls?
RQ: What is the impact of CCTV camera security practices at Malls
RQ: What are the factors influencing the effectiveness of CCTV camera security
RQ: In your opinion, is CCTV surveillance taken seriously by law enforcement agencies:
at the local level to investigate?
RQ: What role do you see CCTV technology playing in policing crime and control in the
future at the local level?
6. Objectives and aims of the study
The broad objective of the study will be to examine the impact and effectiveness of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems for public safety and security: Case study of Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg and to explore CCTV assumptions’ perceptions in combating crime at Malls, specifically Rosebank and Killarney Mall as a study geographic study context. . To accomplish this, the proposer will analyze Mall video surveillance policies and understand how the installation of CCTV systems could impact and effectiveness on the part of the Malls and their view of criminal activities. The proposer to understand how CCTV is used at Killarney and Rosebank Malls will examine the policy of Malls and identify if the policy mentioned any of the six rationales/justifications typically mentioned in CCTV policies (e.g., deter crime, promote safety/security, protect property, regulate/standardize the use of CCTV on Malls, assist law enforcement investigations, create situational awareness)
The specific objectives and aims are as follows

  • to determine the impact of CCTV surveillance on organisational performance and sustainability.

  • To understand CCTV and its principles to see what has changed from literature.

  • To evaluate the user perception of safety and security in Rosebank and Killarney Malls

  • To propose a CCTV Community safety and security theoretical framework to assess the level of security in Malls.

  • To determine the present level of public safety and security at Rosebank and Killarney Malls in Sandton, Johannesburg.

  • To understand the roles of CCTV cameras ineffective crime management and control at Killarney and Rosebank.

  • To determine the effect of CCTV cameras on crime at these specific Malls, the results be transferable.

  • To check the impact and effectiveness of CCTV surveillance on public safety and security at Rosebank and Killarney Malls in Sandton, Johannesburg?

  • To develop a model to improve CCTV impact and effectiveness at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Sandton, Johannesburg.

  • This author proposes to contribute to knowledge by helping other researchers to avoid confusion in the CCTV in academia/industry practices.

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