Evaluation of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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18. Value of the study
Denscombe (2012:143) contends that a study ought to be beneficial, present functional needs and ought to add to the improvement of existing data. The author is of the opinion that the final product of this study will be worthwhile to the academic community, South African population, prospective students and or University of South Africa (Unisa) and the entire criminal justice system.

  • The results from this study will help to fill the gap in the literature regarding the unknown perceptions of CCTV use in security management responding to crime.

  • This study is quite significant in that scholarly works on crime control (Dumenya, 2017; Marfo, 2016) over the years have primarily been focusing on institutional or formal mechanisms, notably the police and other bodies involved in the justice system, to the neglect of the participation of CCTV technology.

  • It creates employment. With the introduction of CCTV comes the introduction of a new role for the IT specialist as one responsible for: a) transfer of camera feeds across the network, b) storage of data, c) any processing of data that may be required by the Malls, d) data security, e) data archiving, f) data destruction, and g) release or transfer of data

  • introducing CCTV systems is justified as a necessary security measure in the field security risk management.

  • The academic community could profit from this investigation in that it could be utilized in future studies.

19. Limitations
One of the foremost criticisms of qualitative research is that it is far more subjective than other forms of research. Some researchers attribute this to the fact that once the researcher begins their study, they become a part of the study through participant observation or friendships. Their inclusion affects the dynamics of the study, and influences their perception of reality (Taylor, 2011:67). The second major critique of qualitative research is that the small sample sizes limit generalizability however outcomes may be transferable (Cuba& Lincoln,1994:90).

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