Evaluation of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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16.3 Credibility
Credibility is the equivalent of internal validity in quantitative research and is concerned with the aspect of truth-value Strategies to ensure credibility are prolonged engagement, persistent observation, triangulation, and member check (Babbie,2016:74). The researcher’s background and qualifications are important issues to prove credibility (Creswell,2014:62). The researcher of this study is a former student an academic having completed Master’s degree previously using qualitative approach. Therefore, the proposer is aware of the importance of credibility in qualitative researcher. The researcher will share the findings of the present study to the participants and let them suggest changes if they are not contented with the interpretation made by them. The researcher will use direct quotations as the last factor to ensure credibility as (Creswell,2013:60). The credibility of the data of this study will be examined through continuous engagement with the data, long-term relationships with some participants in the meetings, and checking the findings with them.
16.4 transferability
Transferability is the ability to transfer research findings from one context to another (Lincoln & Guba, 1985:72). The researcher will facilitate the transferability judgment by a potential user through thick description. Guba (1981:52) recommends thick description to facilitate transferability. This refers to detailed note taking to help understand the research setting and context.
16.5 Confirmability
The chief means of establishing confirmability that Guba (1981:62) discusses is auditing. To ensure confirmability of the study, a detailed account of the research processes will be provided. This will enable readers to determine whether the data analysis procedures were carried out appropriately. Confirmability is concerned with establishing that data and interpretations of the findings are not figments of the inquirer’s imagination but derived from the data.

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