Evaluation of Close Circuit Television surveillance systems at Rosebank and Killarney Malls, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Institution Type



Private companies

CCTV Operators


Community development

Local authorities



8 government agencies


Ccivilian security personnel

6 Psira officials


13. Data Collection Methods
The data of the study will be obtained by using interview technique. The purpose of the interview method is both to learn the answers to the questions asked and to try to understand the experiences of the participants on the subject, how they perceive and express the subject (Seidman, 2006:62). The study data collection will consist of a semi-structured open-ended interview question, archival records; physical Artifacts and participant observation unless other interview procedures and semi structured questions will be appropriate to understand the phenomenon better because a general yes or no question will be insufficient to obtain a meaningful understanding of participants’’ responses. Document analysis, which, according to (Bowen 2009:62), is suitable for case study research, intends to uncover meaning and develop insights related to the phenomenon investigated. The proposer r considered semi-structure interview as the most appropriate method of data collection (Yin, 2009:106-109). Semi-structured interviews involve determining the purpose and the scope of the study while developing prepared questions to help guide the study (Creswell,2014:63). Additionally, using the interview method as a data collection tool will allow the researcher to ask follow-up questions to explore the participant's response to the questions that required further investigation.
13.1 Interviews
Babbie and Mouton (2011:289) define a qualitative interview as “an interaction between an interviewer and a respondent in which the interviewer has a general plan of inquiry but not a specific set of questions that must be asked in particular words and a particular order’’. The researcher proposes to use face-to-face interviews, and telephonic interviews as well as “internet and intranet mediated” interviews. The researcher will use the interview to explore the experiences, views, opinions, ideas, beliefs, or/and motivations of entities/individuals on the usage of CCTV for crime prevention and control.

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