European Explorers and Founders “abc” Book

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European Explorers and Founders “ABC” Book
The idea is to learn as much as you can and place your research in the ABC book. ABC books will be completed in pairs. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet you will be responsible for 13 pages and your partner will have 13 pages; however, the grade is an individual grade; the one page you will do together is the Pilgrims and you will decide who does what. Below is a list of European explorers/ founders and your job is to come up with as many interesting and historically accurate facts for them. You do not have to do the usual “ABC” book in the literal sense. For instance, if you find something in your research and the word “Aztec” is more appropriate to use as your first page for the letter ‘a’ use that as an opener for “Cortez”. Or for that matter you could use the ‘z’ in “CorteZ” for that ‘z’ page. Understand? What I want you to do is have fun researching and finding as much as you can about what happened as a result of European explorers coming to America. Your ABC book then will be a compilation of the explorers and the effect they had on American History. The ABC book rubric is provided and your 13 pages are worth 52 points. The Pilgrims will be an additional 3 points for a total of 55 points. You will have 5 school days and the weekend to complete this work.
Here is the list of explorers/ founders who must show up in your book:


John Cabot

Amerigo Vespucci

Vasco Da Gama

Vasco de Balboa

Ponce de Leon

Ferdinand Magellan

Hernando Cortez


Cabeza de Vaca

Francisco Pizarro

Jacques Cartier

Hernando De Soto


Tristan De Luna

Pedro Menendez

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Walter Raleigh

The Pilgrims

Other topics that could show up in your book:




African Diaspora

Middle passage

Columbian Exchange


On each explorer page, you must include the following information:

The country funding the exploration

The year

The geographic area they explored

The purpose for their exploration (land, gold, spread of religion)
On the other pages, you must include the following information:

The effect on the people they met

Was their conflict between the indigenous people and the explorers?

What did they bring back to their home countries? (Food, gold, claim to land)

These pages should be the “BIG IDEAS”

A” for “Asia” since they were looking for an all water route to Asia (remember spices and silk and a share of the wealth). Look for the overall effect of these voyages and HOW they changed world history as well as American History.

****You may not use all the letters in the alphabet and that is okay. You may double up on some letters of the alphabet and that is also okay.








Needs Improvement


Student’s Assessment

Teacher’s Assessment

Cover Page:




Cover page includes all three elements

Cover page has two of three elements

Cover page has one of the three elements

Cover pages does not have the three elements

26 alphabet pages:

*9 explorers

*Pilgrims (makes 14 pages) = 3 points



Every page includes the identified elements

Most pages have the identified elements

Many pages include two elements and with some missing

Many pages have elements missing

Sources Cited:

*include website/ or textbook pages from C. A. or Hakim

All pages show where information was found

Most pages have identified sources

Some pages show sources; few missing

Many pages missing sources used in the book

Total_______/ 55 Points

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