Europe Between the Wars Chapters 26 and 27

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Europe Between the Wars

Chapters 26 and 27


Mien Kampf Putsch Little Entente

Locarno Agreements of 1925 Sinn Fein Party Black and Tans

Dawes/ Young Plans Keynesian Theory von Papen

Von Hindendburg Popular Front Lateran Accord

Nuremberg Laws fascists Kristallnacht

Black Shirts Brown Shirts

1. Describe the manner of the Fascist takeover in Italy in 1922. What were the historic forces operating that brought Mussolini to power? How would you assess Mussolini’s abilities as a politician?

2. Discuss the events that helped shape Nazi power in Germany. What was the political climate in Germany and how did it contribute to Hitler’s rise to power?
3. Using both Italian and German examples describe the economic system of fascism or corporatism. Generally, what was the fascist view of private property and capital?
World War II

Chapter 28


Rome-Berlin Axis Maginot Line Anschluss Albert Spears

Neville Chamberlain Blitzkrieg Nazi-Soviet Pact Vichy France

Lend-Lease appeasement Operation Barbarossa


1. Discuss the Munich Agreement of 1938. Outline the position of the states directly involved. Does this settlement contain any lesson for the contemporary world?

2. Discuss the questions surrounding high-altitude bombing during WWII. What were the primary and secondary targets? Do the lessons learned in precision bombing during WWII have any effect on us today?
3. Suppose that the Nazis had not adopted the racial policies that they did. In your opinion would the outcome of WWII have been any different? If the outcome had been the same, how might historians have come to judge the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler?
4. Considering the respective backgrounds of WWI and WWII, compare and contrast the founding of the League of Nations with the founding of the United Nations.
5. Discuss Stalin’s policies and leadership throughout this period. In your opinion was Russia’s position respective of the rise of Nazism equally responsible for the war? Answer with specific details.

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