Ethnic/civic nationalism debate – some brief references

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  1. Some early authors defending the existence of a dichotomy between ethnic and civic nationalism:

Plamenatz, John, “Two types of Nationalism”, in Eugene Kamenka (ed.) Nationalism: The nature and evolution of an idea, Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1973, pp. 23 – 36.

Kohn, Hans, The Idea of Nationalism: A Study of Its Origins and Background, First ed. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1944.

  1. Some more recent articles against the dichotomy:

Brown, David, “Are there good and bad nationalisms?”, Nations and nationalism, 5 (1999) pp. 281 – 302.

Nieguth, Tim, “Beyond dichotomy: concepts of the nation and the distribution of membership”, Nations and nationalism, 5 (1999) pp. 155 – 173.

Kuzio, Taras, “The myth of the civic state: a critical survey of Hans Kohn’s framework for understanding nationalism”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 25 (2002) pp. 20 – 39.

  1. A thesis against the dichotomy

Mary Nikolas, Margareta, False Opposites in Nationalism: An Examination of the Dichotomy of Civic Nationalism and Ethnic Nationalism in Modern Europe, [Thesis] Centre for European Studies-Monash University, 1999. [Also available on]

  1. Relevant parts from books against the dichotomy:

Kedourie, Elie, Nationalism, Oxford, Blackwell, 1993., pp. 136 – 144.

Smith, Anthony D., The Ethnic Origins of Nations, Oxford, Blackwell, 1986, pp. 129 – 152;

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