Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide What is ethnic cleansing?

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Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

  1. What is ethnic cleansing?

  2. What are four examples of ethnic cleansing brought on by nationalist movements during the 20th century?

  3. Who were Bosnian Serbs trying to remove from Bosnia-Herzegovina?

  4. Which two groups did Spain seek to get rid of? How did they attempt to remove them?

  5. What example of ethnic cleansing has been observed in US history?

  6. Why do some scholars think that ethnic cleansing today is different from ethnic cleansing in the past?

  7. Explain the ethnic cleansing in the following nations:

    1. Rwanda, April-July 1994:

    2. Germany, 1933-1945:

    3. Indonesia, 1999:

    4. Darfur region of Sudan, since 2003:

  8. What is the difference between ethnic cleansing and genocide?

  1. What is the definition of genocide?

  2. When did genocide become an international law crime?

  3. What are the four things included under the 1948 definition of genocide?

  4. Explain what happened in Rwanda between April-July 1994?

  5. Did any country get involved to stop the genocide in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, or Cambodia?

Write a three paragraph essay summarizing the Rwandan Genocide.

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