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Marisa Volo

World History

9th Grade

Japan and the Feudal System

Essential Question: In what ways had the Chinese influenced Japanese culture? How do the feudal systems of Europe and Japan compare?
Standards: National Council for Social Studies Standards

Learner Background: Students have previously studied the Chinese dynasties of the Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming.
Student Objectives:

  • Students will be able to demonstrate a connection between Japan and China through open-discussion/guided questioning

  • Students will be able to identify main ideas of Japanese culture during this time period after a direct instruction session and note taking

  • Students will interpret the geography of Japan using maps to show the challenges and benefits of the archipelago empire

  • Students will distinguish the differences and similarities of feudal Japan and feudal Europe by completing a Venn diagram

  • Students will organize a writing assignment based the comparisons they’ve found of feudal Japan and feudal Europe


Initiation: Class will begin by having students explain the feudal system of Europe, a hierarchy diagram will be drawn on the board for students to see and take note of to help compare with feudal Japan later in discussion
Learning Activities:

  • The instructor will begin with a PowerPoint presentation on Japanese geography and society. Students are expected to take notes and respond to discussion points throughout the lecture.

  • After discussing Feudal Japan, students will break into pairs and work on an activity that involves completing a Venn diagram, breaking apart the similarities and differences of feudal Japan and Europe.

  • Students will come back together to discuss the similarities and differences

  • Students will be assigned homework to complete an essay using the information they’ve found in class on the comparison of feudal Japan and Europe

Closure: Class will end with students watching a short video that summarizes Japanese feudal society
Assessment: Students will be assigned to write an essay comparing feudal Japan and Europe; this will count as a quiz grade. Students will be assessed on overall participation throughout the class.
Strategy for Differentiation: Students who require handouts of notes will receive them prior to the start of class
Strategy for Modifications: Modifications for students will be met per order of each student’s IEP
Strategy for Accommodations: Accommodations for students will be met per order of each student’s IEP

Download 5.53 Kb.

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