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November 3, 2008: If you want your essay to be corrected and handed back during the fall semester.

March 2, 2009: Final deadline for heading in your essay.
Essays can be delivered in class or to the info center. Please double space to allow room for corrections. Email submissions will not be accepted.
Length: ca. 1000-1500 words
Topics: Write an essay comparing any aspect of the American legal, political or educational system with the Norwegian counterpart. Your essay can express an opinion about the merits of one system over another, but that is not necessary. You can use any source you want for your essay (these must be cited) but the essay must be in your own words.
Some suggested comparison topics:

- Comparison of constitutions

- Federalism vs. Norwegian counterpart

- Separation of powers and checks and balances in the US and Norway

- The use of judicial review in Norway and the US

- Selection of judges in Norway and the US

- Jury selection in Norway and the US

- The Exclusionary Rule in the US and Norway

- Damages awarded in civil lawsuits

- The right to free speech in Norway and the US

- Why the differing attitudes about the Death Penalty in Norway and the US?

- Affirmative action in the US and Norway

- Attitude towards guns

- Secondary schools in Norway and the US

- Legal education in Norway and the US

- Should the right to an abortion be determined by the legislative or judicial branch? Compare how the US and Norway differ in this respect.

- Sources of law in the US and Norway.

Download 33.5 Kb.

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