Essay Contest In Honor of Avantika Khatri

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Essay Contest

In Honor of Avantika Khatri

First Place Award $1,000 & Second Place Award $500

Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Equality in America

America is one of the most diverse societies in the world. People from so many different ethnicities, races, cultures, nationalities, and religions form part of the melting pot. When people are diverse, differences of opinions are inevitable that can lead to societal fault lines (hatred, lack of tolerance). For a diverse society to be a great society, the differences are harnessed and celebrated rather than causing rift and social turmoil. The scope of this essay is to address the fault lines in the American society based on:

  1. Different racial groups (Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and others); how to address the incidents of mistreatment and discrimination of racial minorities?

  2. Different gender identities (straights and LGBTs); LGBTs face much higher depression and anxiety. Do lack of understanding and intolerance toward LGBTs in the society in any way contribute to problems that they face?

  3. Different Religions; what explains the attack on places of worship? Do only fringe religious elements are responsible for these attacks? Or the religious intolerance permeates the society more deeply?

  4. Different political orientations; what explains the highly polarized and gridlocked politics in America at present?

A good essay will address diversity, inclusiveness, and equality in American society in a comprehensive manner, will be well-informed, and will offer new insights. Is it possible to be a society that is open and tolerant of differences? Can something be done to overcome the fault lines and become a truly inclusive society?

Avantika graduated from

Rock Bridge High School in 2012.

She had immense passion for social issues.

such as fairness, justu.



The suggested length: 1,500 words.

Submit to: A Word or PDF file via e-mail to Naresh Khatri at

Deadline: February 20, 2016. Queries: Naresh Khatri at e-mail address above or phone 573-443-4143.

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