Essay contest 125 cash prizes for students, totaling $15,500! Essay topic

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Censored in America:
The War on Free Speech

125 CASH PRIZES for students, totaling $15,500!

ESSAY TOPIC: Is Free Speech becoming more limited in America? John Stossel considers that in his recent Fox News hour, "Censored in America." Words can wound, so should we have increased limits around free speech? Why or why not? Does free speech have a special role in a free society?

"Censored in America" says that students are sometimes kept away from words and ideas they might find disturbing. What do you think? Are there areas in society today where we should allow more free speech? Are there areas where we should restrict free speech?

Please write a 500-1000 word essay on this topic. You should include your own examples of free speech controversies, and you must include at least one reference to the TV special or Stossel's book, "No They Can't.". 

• 125 students will receive CASH PRIZES totaling $15,500. 

• 1st and 2nd place students will also win an all-expense-paid trip to New York City for themselves, a chaperone, and the teachers who submitted their essays to see a live taping of STOSSEL

• Teachers whose students receive at least an honorable mention will receive an autographed copy of one of John Stossel's best-selling books. 

• Each teacher may submit an unlimited number of student essays (500-1000 words) on our web site between now and the Feb. 17th deadline


Ages 12 to 18, essays are due February 10th ahead of the deadline; drafts are due January 28.

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