Essay 2: Biographical/Historical/New Historical Criticism

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Essay 2: Biographical/Historical/New Historical Criticism

For this paper, you are to examine the ways in which an author's biography or historical milieu shapes the text he/she produces and illuminates our understanding of it. The paper should show how details of the biography or of the military; social, cultural, economic, scientific, intellectual, or other type of history influence, are revealed in or shape the text. Remember, an author can assume a persona or write about a period of time other than his/her own; do not automatically assume that a one-to-one correspondence exists between the author's life/world and the text he/she writes. And do not try to read an author's entire biography or historical period into a single text. Sometimes a poem or story is written as a result of a single experience.

Your paper should have a clear thesis ─a central idea or question that you explore. The thesis should suggest to the reader the approach that you are taking and which specific issues you will explore. Depending on whether you do biographical or historical criticism, you may either organize the essay by biographical fact or historical feature. Then, use specific evidence from the text and the biographical/ historical sources to support your claim. Remember, you must analyze the relationship between biography/history and the text; do not simply summarize each of them. Your paper should also have a title that will draw the reader in and hint at the main idea or purpose of your paper. Because outside resources are required for this paper, you will need to include a Works Cited list. You should consult a minimum of two secondary sources. (For a New Historicist approach, only one outside source is required as you will be examining an entire issue of a magazine or newspaper.)

The final paper should be between 800 to 1,000 words (three to five pages) and follow the guidelines outlined below; Papers are due no later than 5:00 pm on Thursday; October 9, 2003. The paper is worth 125 points.

Choose One of These Texts:

"The Shawl" by Cynthia Ozick

"Ballad of Birmingham" by Dudley Randall

"Nairobi" by Joyce Carol Oates

"The Chicago Defender…" by Gwendolyn Brooks

"Two Kinds" by Amy Tan

"Easter 1916" by W. B. Yeats and "Zombie" by Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries (available on the course web site)

General Notes on Essay Format

  • Essay Format-All drafts of formal essays must be computer-generated and must adhere to the format outlined below. The use of word-processing software in the production of your paper will make subsequent revisions easier to perform. You are responsible for keeping copies of all your work. I strongly recommend that you save separately and back up on disk all drafts of each formal essay.

  • Additional formatting requirements:

I. Double-space

2. 1" margins all around

3. Font: Times, Size 12
@Tracy L. Skipper, 2003.
4. Student's last name should appear in the upper right hand comer of each page followed by the page number

5. Staple in the upper left hand comer

6. All in-text citations should adhere to MLA form.

7. A separate Works Cited list at the end of the paper should include complete bibliographic information for each source cited in the paper. Citations should conform to MLA style. Information on using MLA style is available on the course web site or on USC's Writing Center web site.

Transmitting Your Essay for the In-Class Workshop We will read and discuss the essays of six students in class on October 16th. I will post these essays on our course web site. If your essay will be discussed, please send it to me as an e-mail attachment by 5:00 pm on October 9, 2003. I can open and read Microsoft Word and WordPerfect files. If you are using another word processing program, please save your document as a rich text file before sending it to me. I will convert all essays to PDF before posting to the web so that all students can access the files.

Getting Started (Informal Writing Assignment) Before you begin writing, I would like you to do some preliminary research on your author and selected text and do some pre-writing. Your response to this informal writing assignment will be determined by the critical approach you decide to take.
1. Biographical Criticism. Research the biography of the author. How is the author's life reflected in the text? Which details are more significant as a result of knowing the biography? What is the relationship between the text and the biography? How does the biography shape our reading of the text. Identify specific examples from b9th the text and the biography that you might use to develop your essay;

2. Historical Criticism. Research the historical period in which the text was written or the period in which it is set. How is the historical period reflected in the text? Which details are more significant as a result of knowing the history/culture? What is the relationship between the text" and the culture? How does the culture shape our reading of the text? How does the text shape our reading of the culture? Identify specific examples from both the text and the historical sources that you might use to develop your essay;

3. New Historical Criticism. Select a single issue of popular magazine or newspaper (preferably one that covers the event(s) referred to in the text) from the time period in which the text is written or set. If possible, examine the magazine in which the text first appeared or in which the writer was published. Examine the stories and ads in the magazine/newspaper and come up with theories about the cultural/social values of that period based on that examination. How do the cultural values of the time shape the text? How do the cultural values of the time shape our response to the text? Identify specific examples from both the text and the magazine/newspaper that you might use to develop your essay;
Develop some type-written notes based on the approach you plan to take. Read over the notes that you have made and come up with a one- or two-sentence statement describing the central idea or question that you plan to explore in this essay; In addition to the notes and thesis statement, provide a tentative Works Cited list of the secondary sources you plan to consult in writing your essay; Your notes, draft thesis statement, and Works Cited list are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday; October 2nd. This assignment is worth 30 points.

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