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Pronoun reference

Ask the students to identify the nouns and noun phrases in the pronoun reference task. One example has been done for students, but some may need further guidance.

Verb processes

  • Explain to students that there are different types of verbs which describe different types of processes. Linking verbs are those which show a link between the subject of the verb and something which it is or has. These are mostly is and have. Action verbs are those which describe something happening e.g. run, fight. Mental verbs describe thinking and feeling processes e.g. understand, love and saying verbs describe ways of saying things e.g. shout, whisper.

  • Ask students to fill in the Verb Table (Word 28KB) with some different types of verb processes from this text. Beside each verb write the subject of the verb in brackets. Make sure students include all parts of the verb group. The first example has been done for students. Ask students what they have noticed about the types of verb processes used in this historical recount.

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