Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life Video Guide

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Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life Video Guide

  1. In 1950, Hemingway was hailed by the New York Times as the most important writer since the death of __________________________.

  2. Hemingway was more than a writer: he was an icon of _______________________.

  3. He was born on July _____, 1899, and was often dressed in ______________ clothing.

  4. His mother had given up dreams of being an opera singer, and his father was an avid ______________________.

  5. As a child, Hemingway would whip himself so his ________________ wouldn’t have to.

  6. Hemingway used his uncle’s connections at the _____________________ Star to get work as a cub reporter.

  7. He was rejected by the US Army for defective _______________, and he volunteered with the Red Cross of Italy as an _______________________________________________.

  8. While recuperating from an injury, his love affair with Agnes von Kurowsky inspired the novel ____________________________________________________________.

  9. After his breakup with Agnes and being kicked out of his parents’ house, he moved to Chicago where he met his first wife, ___________________________________.

  10. The couple moved to __________ as Hemingway got a job as a foreign correspondent.

  11. ___________________, the godmother of his first son, was instrumental in introducing him to the literary world of his new city. She coined the phrase “The _________ Generation” to describe the generation of ex-pats after WWI.

  12. He taught poet Ezra Pound how to ________ in exchange for help in navigating the literary world.

  13. In 1923, Hadley lost all of Hemingway’s ________________ while on a trip to Austria.

  14. Hemingway was an aficionado of _____________ culture. He brought a large group of his expatriate friends to see the bull fights at Pamplona; he even named his first-born son after Nicador Villata y Serrés, a famous ________________.

  15. Hemingway’s Jewish friend, _________________________________, upstaged Hemingway in bullfights and for the affection of Lady Duff Twyden. He served as the inspiration for Robert Cohn in The Sun Also Rises.

  16. Hemingway’s __________________ style was ground-breaking and hailed by critics, but he considered his style __________________.

  17. Hadley befriended Pauline Pfeiffer, a socialite who worked for the Paris branch of ___________.

  18. When faced with the affair, Hadley asked for Hemingway to break off the affair for ____ days.

  19. Pauline and Hemingway moved to _________________, where Hemingway frequented Sloppy Joe’s Bar, smuggled rum, and won many fishing competitions.

  20. He converted to __________________ for Pauline.

  21. His marriage to Pauline went downhill, especially after Pauline was told that she should not ________________ any more children.

  22. In 1933, he went on a hunting safari in Africa. _________________ cut his trip short.

  23. ____________ Gellhorn, Hemingway’s 3rd wife, basically moved in with the Hemingway family, similar to what Pauline had done to Hadley.

  24. Hemingway left to cover the ___________________________________, where he sided with the Spanish Republicans.

  25. His grim portrayal of this war is echoed in _______________________________.

  26. In 1939, he and Gellhorn moved to Cuba where he met ___________________________________, the captain of Pilar.

  27. During _____________, Hemingway was taken aback when Gellhorn left for Europe to serve as a war correspondent.

  28. Mary __________, Hemingway’s 4th wife, was the opposite of Gellhorn.

  29. Two tragedies in 1951, the deaths of _________________ and ____________________, took their toll on Hemingway.

  30. The Old Man and the Sea became known as his defining work, and he won the Pulitzer in ____.

  31. He suffered two _________________ crashes and was incorrectly reported as dead.

  32. In _________, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  33. After the start of the Cuban Revolution, Hemingway moved to Idaho, where he started work on his memoir, _________________________________________.

  34. Seeking help for his depression, Hemingway underwent ______________________________________________ several times.

  35. Hemingway passed of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on July ______, 1961.


  1. Shakespeare

  2. Super masculinity

  3. 21st, girl’s

  4. Outdoorsman

  5. Mother

  6. Kansas City

  7. Vision, ambulance driver

  8. A Farewell to Arms

  9. Hadley Richardson

  10. Paris

  11. Gertrude Stein, Lost

  12. Box

  13. Manuscripts

  14. Spanish, matador

  15. Harold Loeb

  16. Minimalistic, awkward

  17. Vogue

  18. 100

  19. Key West

  20. Catholicism

  21. Conceive

  22. Dysentery

  23. Martha

  24. Spanish Civil War

  25. For Whom the Bell Tolls

  26. Gregario Fuentes

  27. WWII

  28. Welsh

  29. His mother (Grace) and Pauline

  30. 1953

  31. Crashes

  32. 1954

  33. A Moveable Feast

  34. Electric shock therapy

  35. 2nd

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