Era of Good Feelings

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Unit 3—Expansion and Reform (1815-1850)

1. Why was the primary characteristic of the “Era of Good Feelings” (1815-1819) after the War of 1812?

2. How did the Industrial Revolution affect the nation’s economy?.

3. How was nationalism reflected in domestic and foreign policies during the Era of Good Feelings?

4. Describe the sectional issues and events that brought an end to the Era of Good Feelings.

5. What was “Jacksonian Democracy”?

6. Describe the impact of federal government’s Indian policies under Andrew Jackson.

7. What issues impacted American politics while Andrew Jackson was president?

8. What was the Second Great Awakening and what effect did it have on social movements in the mid-1800s?

9. Identify the major reform movements of the mid-1800s.

10. What effect did the women’s rights movement have?

11. Identify significant figures in the abolitionist movement and describe their efforts to end slavery.

12. How did territorial expansion into Texas lead to conflict and change?

13. Explain how “Manifest Destiny” resulted in westward expansion.

14. Describe how the Mexican War resulted in increased sectionalism.

15. Which territorial acquisitions were a result of the Mexican War?
Words to know
1. nationalism 2. protective tariff 3. internal improvement
4. sectionalism 5. doctrine 6. suffrage
7. patronage 8. nullification 9. reform
10. temperance 11. abolitionism 12. manifest destiny

U.S. History ©2014

Unit 3 Facts to Know
1. What term refers to the patriotism and national unity expressed during the Era of Good Feelings?

2. What invention increased the dependence on slavery in the South during the early 1800s?

3. What were the three main features of the “American System” promoted by Henry Clay?

4. Who benefited from protective tariffs?

5. Who benefited from the internal improvements?

6. In 1820, which compromise reduced the sectional conflict over the issue of slavery?

7. Which policy established U.S. opposition to European interference in Latin America?

8. According to the Missouri Compromise, which territories would be closed to slavery?

9. Which Supreme Court decision upheld the powers of Congress to establish a national bank?

10. “Jacksonian Democracy” was a result of which political change that occurred during the 1820s?

11. What was Jackson’s practice of appointing his political supporters to public office called?

12. What was the federal government’s policy towards American Indians during Jackson’s presidency?

13. Which idea was promoted by John C. Calhoun in the South Carolina Exposition and Protest?

14. What issue resulted in the Nullification Crisis of 1832?

15. Where did President Andrew Jackson deposit federal funds in order to kill the national bank?

16. Which political party was formed to oppose Andrew Jackson?

17. What was the result of the Second Great Awakening?

18. Which reformers were leaders in the abolitionist movement during the mid-1800s?

19. Which event resulted in tough new laws to restrict the activities of slaves in the mid-1800s?

20. Which reform movement wanted the prohibition of alcohol?

21. Name the leaders of the women’s rights movement during the mid-1800s.

22. Which historical event marked the beginning of the women’s rights movement?

23. The demand for women’s suffrage was a resolution included in which document?

24. Which mid-19th century reformer was known for promoting public education?

25. Which mid-19th century reformer worked to reform prisons and mental institutions?

26. Which policy reflected a belief in America’s duty to go westward and conquer the continent?

27. Which slogan represented the Texas battle cry for independence from Mexico?

28. What issue delayed the annexation of Texas?

29. “54’40° or Fight!” is associated with President Polk’s campaign to acquire which territory?

30. What was the primary cause of the Mexican War?

31. What territory did the U.S. acquire as a result of the Mexican War?

32. Which territorial acquisition completed the modern-day borders of the continental United States?

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