Equal opportunities for all: from theory to practice

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IV. Conclusions
There are great initiatives all over Europe contributing to the achievement of the European Union policies. Either related to women’s rights, non-discrimination or equal rights for people with disabilities, such European projects allow people to have direct contact in their daily life with the policies that are created for them.
The three projects mentioned above are a good proof of concept. Contribute to change – Young Women in Political Careers fights for increasing the participation of young women in the political life and to the vote by increasing their trust in the own forces.

The project MUSICC - Multi-Sensory Information on Climate Change will develop innovative learning materials in a range of formats adaptable to the needs of people with sensory impairments; specifically visual and hearing impairments.

The project TRAHVIITTransfer of Audio-Haptics for Visually Impaired Information Technology will introduce the innovation of Talking Tactile Technology (T3) to countries where people with sensory and cognitive disabilities have less access to assistive technologies.

1 http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/employment_and_social_policy/equality_between_men_and_women/c10404_en.htm

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