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The project MUSICC - Multi-Sensory Information on Climate Change seeks to create and develop innovative learning materials in a range of formats that will be adaptable to the needs of people with sensory impairments; specifically visual and hearing impairments.

The project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci Programme (142023-LLP-1-2008-1-UK-Leonardo-LMP).

This project seeks to address adaptability and accessibility issues in delivering scientific and graphical data concerning global warming and climate change to people who are sensory impaired – topics of importance to the EU and the world.

Without this project sensory impaired people would be disadvantaged in acquiring knowledge and developing a full understanding of the science, economic, cultural, social and lifestyle issues relating to global warming and climate change.

The project has 7 specific aims:

  1. To create a range of teaching materials for use by teachers that will fully explain the current scientific position on climate change to people with sensory impairments in the age groups 12 - 16 years. [It is anticipated these materials will also have transferability into older age groups.]

  2. To make this material adaptable to the diverse leaning requirements of those who have sensory impairments, (i.e., visually and hearing impaired)

  3. To test and evaluate the pedagogical processes being developed in the project by holding 3 pilot studies in different partner countries.

  4. To make this material available to teachers in an adaptable format specifically Talking Tactiles for the visually impaired and subtitled / signed DVD materials for the hearing impaired. [Talking Tactiles as a lesson content delivery system on vocational subjects have been developed on other EU projects see www.ahviit.org ] The core information on the DVD will be common to both adaptations.

  5. To explore the transferability of the learning process to other groups with specific needs. [Previous experience with the Talking Tactile system is also beginning to show transferability to Autistic Spectrum and Asperger’s Syndrome learners.]

  6. To disseminate the results of this project across the education systems of the partner countries at local, regional and national level.

  7. To advise EU educators of the results, transferability and benefits of this innovative pedagogical development via the project website.

The project will therefore allow sensory impaired people to play their part in making sure the effects of global warming and climate change are minimized.

Until January 2010, 4 of the 5 booklets have been developed:

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