Equal opportunities for all: from theory to practice

What will the project do?

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What will the project do?
The overall aim of all the actions of the project is to increase the participation of young women in the political life and to the vote by increasing their trust in the own forces.

In order to achieve this, a group of 10-15 women from each country will be involved in a series of interactive workshops with the aim to prepare in the end a public debate moderated by themselves.

The first activities of the project focus on a needs analysis carried out among young women of the target group in order to find out their educational needs.

Based on these results, the curricula for the participatory workshops will be elaborated.

The participatory workshops will be run with a group of 10-15 women from each partner country, which will result in the end in 3 public debates organized and moderated by the participants themselves.

The target group will be selected based on volunteering. The workshops will be organized in such way that they correspond perfectly to the needs of the target group as regards content, timing and venue.

Within these workshops the young women will learn to:

→ correctly develop their self-esteem within the working group;

→ improve their self-expression abilities;

→ improve their knowledge on participatory democracy and the strategies of active involvement in the society as active citizens;

→ be aware of the importance of the involvement in the political life and the role of vote at local level but also for the European Parliament;

→ how common interests and aims can create long personal relations and how informal education can cultivate the personality and knowledge of each participant.

At the end of the workshops the young women in the 3 countries will participate to a public debate where they will make use of their knowledge and competences acquired during the participatory workshops in front of the large public. On this occasion the young women will be able to do a democratic exercise necessary for increasing the trust in the own forces.

The debates will be attended by members of other non-governmental organizations, of public administration, mass media, etc.

A success stories booklet with relevant stories and anecdotes of the activities, as well as a DVD with all the materials developed in the project will be available in the end of the project for professionals in order to share experience and good practice.
For more information about the project, the project website is located at the address: http://srep.ro/ctc/

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