Equal opportunities for all: from theory to practice

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Equal opportunities for all: from theory to practice
Alexandru Cinteza, Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning

I. Abstract
The European Union fights for equal rights and opportunities for all citizens: equal rights for men and women, equal rights for people with disabilities, equal rights on the labour market.

There are great efforts made at the level of policy makers to ensure that each Member State ensures and guarantees equal rights both in terms of legislation and practice.

With this paper we would like to prove how bigger or smaller initiatives, under the form of European funded projects, contribute to raising awareness on equality issues and changing lives and realities in the member countries.
In this respect we will refer to projects promoting equality between men and women and equality of rights for people with disabilities, namely visually, sensory and cognitive impaired people.
Three EU funded projects will be referred to: Contribute to change – Young Women in Political Careers, MUSICC - Multi-Sensory Information On Climate Change and TRAHVIITTransfer of Audio-Haptics for Visually Impaired Information Technology.
Key words: equality policies, women’s rights, visually, sensory and cognitive impaired.

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