Episode 1: Rebels (10 pts. Each)

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America: The Story of US

Series by The History Channel

Questions by Rebecca Whitman

Episode 1: Rebels (10 pts. Each)

  1. Where were the first two English settlements in the America?

  2. What was the “Starving Time”?

  3. Why did the Pilgrims seek a new world?

  4. What Native American tribe was Pocahontas part of?

  5. What was the purpose of the first Thanksgiving?

  6. What was the Boston Massacre?

  7. Why did the people of Boston dump tea in the harbor?

  8. How did news spread quickly through the colonies?

  9. Who was Paul Revere and what did he do that helped the Revolution?

  10. What harbor did the British attack a month before the Declaration of Independence was signed?

Episode 2: Revolution (25 pts. Each)

  1. What uniquely American battle tactic and weapon helped turn the tide of the war?

  2. How were conditions between the British troops and the American troops during the Revolutionary War so drastically different? Why do you think it was this way?

  1. What nearly killed off Washington’s troops?

  2. What revolutionary procedure helped saved Washington’s troops?

Episode 3: Westward (25 pts. Each)

  1. Name some of the reasons why settlers moved West.

  1. Describe what happened with the Donner party as they attempted to go West through what was renamed to be the Donner Pass.

  1. Describe what happened with the Native Americans as the colonists moved West into their native lands.

  1. Name some of the challenges of nature that made it difficult for settlers to survive out West.

Episode 4: Division (25pts. Each)

  1. What was the Erie Canal?

  1. How did cotton change slavery in the South?

  1. What tool of communication was installed along with the railroad and why was it important?

  1. Why would a nation drawn together for independence fight each other less than 100 years later?

  2. What was whale oil used for in the 1800s?

  1. How did the use of whale oil increase commerce?

  1. How did the use of whale oil change American life?

  1. How did mill houses change life for women in the 1800s?

  1. What was the Fugitive Slave Law?

  1. What did Fredrick Douglass do to fight slavery?

  1. What did Harriet Tubman do to fight slavery?

  1. What was the pre-cursor to modern day computers?

Episode 5: Civil War (10pts. Each)

  1. What was the minie ball?

  1. How did the minie ball effect battlefield medicine?

  1. How did use of the railroad effect the war?

  1. How did emancipation (freeing the slaves) effect the war?

  1. What did General Sherman do to the South? Why?

Episode 6: Heartland (10pts. Each)

  1. What is an American cowboy?

  1. Why is the cowboy an American icon?

  1. What did the plague of locusts do to the crops on the plains?

  1. What were the settlers forced to do as a result of what happened with the locusts?

  1. How did mail-ordering get its start with Sears?

  1. In the 1800s, how did lumber get out west?

  1. Why was transporting lumber dangerous?

  1. What did barbed wire put an end to in the West?

  1. What caused the buffalo to become nearly extinct?

  1. What group of people depended on buffalo for survival?

Episode 7: Cities (10pts. Each)

  1. What did Carnegie’s ability to mass produce steel make it possible to do?

  1. What does the 1902 term “walking the steel” mean?

  1. What enabled buildings to be made taller than five stories?

  1. What country gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States as a gift?

  1. Describe how the Statue of Liberty came to be in New York harbor instead of staying forever in its crates.

  1. What does the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus represent?

  1. How did photography help solve crime?

  1. Who brought sanitation standards to the cities and cleaned up the waste in the streets?

  1. How did Edison discover the electric light bulb?

  1. What did the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911 cause?

  1. Who introduced coercive police interrogation tactics involving pain and intimidation?

Episode 8: Boom (7pts. Each)

  1. What resource was discovered and led to the Industrial Revolution in the 1900s?

  1. Why was drilling for black gold dangerous?

  1. What production method did Henry Ford create as he made cars?

  1. How did Ford’s production method change the way other products were made?

  1. What caused Prohibition?

  1. What substance was banned in Prohibition?

  1. How did the wastelands of southern California get water?

  1. What was the Hollywood sign originally?

  1. How did ballistics forensics help discover that Al Capone was behind the Valentine’s Day Massacre?

  1. Describe the death of Eugene Williams in the summer of 1919 and how it started the Chicago Race Riots of 1919 and the Red Summer in other cities across America.

  1. How was the Hawthorne Smoke Shop used to finally convict Al Capone?

  1. What sport came about because of Prohibition?

  1. What is the only repealed amendment of the Constitution?

  1. Why was the amendment repealed?

  1. What three things caused the boom of the 1900s?

Episode 9: Bust (10pts. Each)

  1. Why did the Bank of the United States go bankrupt in 1930?

  1. What did the stock market crash of 1929 and the bankruptcy of the banks cause?

  1. What was life like for Americans during the Great Depression?

  1. Describe the dust storms of the 1930s and what caused them.

  1. What piece of technology connected homes in 1935?

  1. How did the New Deal help America get back on its feet?

  1. How did the Hoover Dam keep cool internally?

  1. What monument was designed to disappear over time into its natural landscape?

  1. How was Max Schmelling’s win used in Nazi propaganda?

  1. What did Hitler call Americans?

Episode 10: WWII (20pts. Each)

  1. Where was the naval base, Pearl Harbor?

  1. Why did America, until Pearl Harbor, stay out of the war?

  1. What role did women in America play in WWII and why was it important?

  1. Why were Jeeps important?

  1. What did the return of men from the war do to American society?

Episode 11: Superpower (10pts. Each)

  1. How did air conditioning affect the housing industry?

  1. What was created in Levittown, NY?

  1. What two countries raced to pioneer into space?

  1. In 1969, Apollo 11 made the United States the first to put what on the moon?

  1. What is communism?

  1. What did Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway project do?

  1. How did Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway project cause “death by interstate”?

  1. Development of atomic bombs caused America to become what?

  1. What was the Cold War?

  1. Why was America at odds with Cuba under Castro’s reign?

Episode 12: Millennium (10pts. Each)

  1. How did television change the way Americans get information?

  1. What inventions do we use today that did not come into existence until the 1970s or later?

  1. What movement was in its height during the 1960s?

  1. What were some of the causes hippies advocated change in?

  1. How did hippies from the baby boomer generation cause change in culture and politics?

  1. How did television cause Vietnam veterans to become the only generation of returning troops to be mistreated by their own country?

  1. What caused Al-Qaeda to make war against the United States?

  1. Where were the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001, the first attacks on US soil since Pearl Harbor?

  1. What did the terrorist attacks of 9-11 cause America to do?

  1. Who became the first African American president of the United States in 2008?

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