Epic of Gilgamesh Scene Illustration

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Epic of Gilgamesh Scene Illustration
With a partner, choose one of the scenes listed below. Create a detailed drawing that represents the setting, characters, and events described in the scene. Drawings must be neat, detailed, colorful, and accurate.

  1. Gilgamesh and Enkidu trap and kill Humbaba, the giant of the Cedar Forest.

  2. The gods decide to destroy mankind with a flood because the humans are too noisy.

  3. Utnapishtim is told to secretly build a square boat and load his family, the beasts of the field, gold, and all craftsmen.

  4. It rains for 6 days and 6 nights. The boat rests on top of a mountain.

  5. Utnapishtim releases a dove, but she returns. He then releases a swallow that also returns. Finally, he releases a raven that does not return.

  6. Utnapishtim makes a sacrifice to the gods, and the gods place him at the mouth of the river to live.

  7. When Gilgamesh requests the secret to immortality, Utnapishtim tells him he must stay awake for 6 days and seven nights. Gilgamesh falls asleep on the first day.

  8. Utnapishtim’s wife bakes bread and places the loaves beside Gilgamesh to “prove” that he was asleep for the 6 days and seven nights. Gilgamesh awakes to find a hard loaf, a leather-like loaf, a soggy loaf, a moldy loaf, a mildewed loaf, a fresh loaf, and a loaf still baking on the embers.

  9. Although Gilgamesh did not stay awake to receive immortality, Utnapishtim has him go the river and bath. His old skin is washed away, and his body is renewed. He also receives new clothes.

  10. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh of a secret flower that will restore a man’s youth.

  11. Gilgamesh ties stones to his feet so that he may walk on the bottom of the river bed. He picks the flower.

  12. Gilgamesh later bathes in a pool of cool water, but a serpent smells the sweetness of the flower and eats it.

  13. Gilgamesh returns home without the flower, but he recounts his tale on a stone tablet.

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