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By Spirit Young
If you are reading this, chances are you are interested to see if you missed out on hidden secrets in this game! Well . . . there are many and the key to victory is finding some of 'em!

Let's start with the basics and go from there! Oh, remember to save often!
This guide contains spoilers, of course! I have all the areas listed in the proper order that they should be explored in, but there are exceptions here and there. Keep in mind that I'm only covering the secrets that are harder to find and pointers to help progress. So no enemy guide :(

-Talk to Criss at the beginning of the town. Later (after a few boss fights) you can enter her home and find Coin 1.

-If you killed the two Clubbers at the beach you can speak with the guard and he'll reward you with a fire scroll in the pot (most enemies have a 25% chance of dropping loot).

-Check ALL pots! Scrolls are hiding everywhere!

-Coin 2 is in the inn.

-Coin 3 is behind the guard. He'll fight you (and drop a Life Box) when you beat the guards at Duncan Bridge.

-Never run from flashing enemies if Mace is in your party. They drop rare items like Life Boxes and sometimes keys.

-Bring Bawl here later and have him learn Boulder Pusher. Also, he can revive the statue guarding a chest.

-Coins 4, 5, and 6 are out in the open. Easy to find.

-Coin 7 is down the stairs.

-Tip! Wait to use Skill boxes and Life boxes when you have all four party members to get the most out of your rewards!

-Open the chest at the far right corner and a secret path will open with Coin 8 inside. You can also teach Mace how to speak with animals which will be needed later in the game.

-Coin 9 can be spotted easily right as you enter the small area.

-Read the books on the shelf when you have all four party members! This helps!

-Farming notice! This is a good place to stock up on trade items (like Clubber Skulls and Bug Juice) that enemies drop who will respawn when leaving the area.

-Remember that once you give a player a spell to learn you won't be able to take it off! So pretty much don't give Dagree all the magic spells!

-You must kill at least six ghost parties to start the Valley Girl quest in Cardell. You can even run from the ghosts and it still counts.

-Coins 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 are scattered throughout this area and are easy to spot!

-If you find a flower patch you'll recover one hit point each time you step on it.

-If you tell the Spirit on top of the tower that "You want nothing," he will leave. But a treasure will appear at the top of the stage for doing this.

-If you can defeat the Valley Girl before she changes (in one turn), she'll drop the Magic Rose Dress instead of the Mace Rod. You will need to use two Ice Scrolls and two Frozen Scrolls (to do around 300 HP of damage) to pull this off! You may want to level up and raise your speed up to at least 30. If you talk to Mellma in Magistic the Valley Girl will be gone.

-You can get your fourth character right away! Dodge the enemies and speak with Calvin. If you choose to kill him you'll be able to befriend Kint at Duncan Bridge!

-Coins 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 are hard to miss in this area!

-Keep in mind that Calvin's 'Stupid' spell (if you got him) will work on every enemy (even the final boss!) in the game.

-As long as you don't fight the guards, you can sneak in here and take the Treasure Key in the chest right away!

-Tip! Don't head for the next town yet (unless you have Kint) or you'll lose Calvin for a while! Have him help out here first!

-Coins 22, 23, and 24 can be found here. Some are hard to see in the flowers!
- You can find Coin 25 to the right.

- Tip! If you like healing powers, keep Drip. If you like attacking, use Cludd. Only focus leveling one up for the quest!

- If you don't enter this cave you will only have to fight Drip at the end of the game and Cludd won't exsist!

- Coin 26 is in the inn.

- Coin 27 is in the weapon store, locked inside a room. Once you defeat Leo Glade and return to this town with Jinya's Letter, the door will be open.

-If you are trying to defeat the Valley Girl before she morphs, remember not to talk to Mellma (she's in front of the pub)! The armor the Valley Girl drops is very good at this point in the game!
- Before exploring anything else, come here. You can have Bawl join your party and make life easier! Plus, he's at a high level!

- Coins 28, 29, and 30 can be easily found here!

- If you kill all 10 frogs, a chest will appear to the top left of Jane's house.

- After you beat the Bounty Hunter, you can find Borgan here if you don't want to use Kint or Calvin as a main side character.

-Coins 31 and 32 are here.
- If you talk to Fong Wong before you activate the sunset, he'll leave behind a chest with a Frozen Scroll in it!

- Coins 33, 34, and 35 are hiding in the flowers. Look hard!

- Once you beat the head Zombie here, return to Magistic and talk to Fong Wong. Then go to Cardell Pass, find the six pig party, beat 'em, and they drop the key to the manor.

- You can find coin 36 here. For now, this is just a bonus area with goodies to loot.

- Coins 37 and 38 are in plain sight and shouldn't be a problem to find!

- Coin 39 in in the room at the far right end of the level where the books are at.

- If you disturb the sleeping man four times, he'll get mad and fight you. He drops a key.

- There's a book that Dagree can't read in the old library room. Check it eighteen times and you'll get a rare card (save before use)!

- You will find Coins 40 thru 49 in this area! It's large so look carefully!

- Coin 50 is downstairs in the treasure pit. If you run from the Dark Angel you will miss out on a Life Box, but you'll get a Bomb Scroll when you go back upstairs!

- If you kill the Old Witch (Boss) before the Reaper, he will run and you'll lose a Bonus Box.
GUARD TOWER (Entrance)
- Squish all the frogs and Coins 51 thru 55 will appear. By now you should have 54 Coins.


- If you talked to Criss, there's a preacher in the corner for a side quest.

- The Valley Girl will run away unless you have the Bloody Bear (you need Kint to raid a house in Cardell to get this).

- If you don't want Calvin or Kint at this point in the game, you can go back to Camper's Rest and find Borgan.

- Coins 56 and 57 are found here up near the top of the stage. Just sayin'!

- Coin 58 is in the Ardvark Jail (step on a flower outside, or get drunk to get in). Also, a hidden chest is in the jail in the lower left corner. Keep in mind that the boy in the Inn will charge 10 Kill Points for info on finding this chest. Don't waste the points.

- When you trade with Father Jet the swine monster will run away to Camper's Rest.

- The guard at the town entrance will give you access to a book shelf in the item shop if Dagree is wearing the Dunce Cap!
ROYAL GATE (Entrance)

- Coin 59 is the only thing here for now. Later this area will be the final stage.

- Coin 60 is easily found here. I'm not lying!

- If you have Calvin you can find a Mad Vine Rod in this area.

- Revisit this area later after you find the Bag of Rocks in the Guard Tower to farm on skeleton fiends here.

- You'll find Coin 61 in the lower right corner. Whoop whoop.

- When you meet up with Jinya (later on) she will give you a Curse Scroll to fight off Zena. If you select a battle card and waste the scroll during the fight, you'll get a game over 0_o!
HIDEOUT (Entrance)

- Coin 62 is in plain view. Can't miss it! Really.

- Coin 63 is on the 1st floor, Coin 64 is on the 2nd floor, Coin 65 is on the 4th floor, Coin 66 is on the 5th floor, and Coin 67 is on the 6th floor.

- Coins 68 and 69 are laying around just waiting to be picked up!

- Coin 70 is in Jinya's Room.

- Speak with Jinya's Cat (if you have the Animal Chat skill for Mace).

- Did you save a Pig's Ear and Bug Juice? There's good stuff to trade here!

- Oh! If you have trade items, you may want to go back and get what you can! You will be cut off from all the towns once Zena is defeated!

- At this point you can now fight Zombies at Lake Toka. They drop Curse Scrolls.

- Use Jinya to animate the Goyal Statue in the Secret Cavern for a hidden boss fight!

- The final Coins 71 thru 75 can be found in this area. Talk to Carol in the top right section of the hideout to get your prize!

- When you get the Sun Stones a boss will appear at the entrance of the stage. If you use the mini blimp, you can skip the boss fight (but why would you?)!

- Farming notice! Each time you leave this area and come back you can fight a red dragon. Each time you defeat it you'll get a Dragon Tooth, which you can trade later for a Life Box!

- If you run from ten battles in this area you'll get the coward's reward at the Marsh Stop! It's kinda worth it if you don't need a small amount of kill points and experience!

- Here you can trade Dragon Teeth for Life Boxes! Didja get a bunch?!

- Before you hand out all the Sun Stones to the other heros at the hideout, examine the locked door and you'll win a little prize from Jinya!

- Later in the game when you get Mace's mirror warp ability, you can travel to Limbo from here.

- Talk to Bawl and he'll join you for the Unknown Sight quest.

- Come back to this place later when Dagree learns Well Hopper.

- If Bawl learned Boulder Pusher you'll see why it was a good thing in this level.

- Nothing special here. Learn Well Hopper and return. That's all.

- Fun fact! You may meet a troller in this area.

- There's a ghost flashing in the corner . . . so wait until you get Mace back if you want the bonus item!

- Later when you can enter the house (after Dagree returns to normal), speak with the old man. He'll tell you the location of a hidden boss fight.

- If you've been nice to people (saying positive remarks to locals), the sad guard inside the hut will reward your kindness. There are ten chances in the adventure to be nice but you only need eight!
MT. CARDELL'S PATH (lower section)

- No real secrets here. Keep on goin'!

- Again, nothing is really hidden here that you can't find! Move along.

- Later in the quest you'll get a Hex and Daploma card. If you can beat 'em, return to Daploma. You'll get the secret battle card after you beat the game got doing this.

- Blowing up the goyal statue earlier with Bawl (when this area wasn't filled with lava) you'll be able to open up a chest.

- If you decide to get blown up by the bomber birds fourteen times, you'll get ten Bomb Scrolls! Neat, eh?

- Speak with the princess, then return to Jinya's Fort and take the remains from the small pool. Once you enter the shrine at the Royal Town you'll get reward.

- Push the Enter Key (or whatever) everywhere in this area. There are two Life Boxes that you can't see, but are moving around and can be grabbed up! One is on top of the stage; one is on the bottom!

- After Skoal's defeat every Wild Dragon in the game will be confused by it.

- The Blue Gem can be found here.

- The Yellow Gem can be found here.

- Search behind the giant tomb-like stone thing for a great waepon!

- Make sure you have Calvin, Borgan, or Kint in your party or you'll miss an important chest at the top left corner!

- Nothing really hidden here. Enemies drop a rare trade item that you can use back at the Lake Toka Hut.

- The Green Gem can be found here.

- All you have to do is open that single chest . . ..

- The Red Gem can be found here.

- Once you defeat the boss here, the Lake Toka Hut will be gone.

- This is it! The final level! Good luck!

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