Ephemeral public spaces in the reinvention of affection: three urban experiences from brazil

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3.2. Piscina flutuante in Recife

The design project “Piscina flutuante” (literally, floating pool) was one of the interventions developed by the "Praias do Capibaribe" group, composed by around six young people from different backgrounds aged between 20 and 30. The group has been active since 2010 and is focused on performing temporary occupations along the banks of the Capibaribe river, which crosses most of the city of Recife and whose water is not suitable for human use. The interventions always took place on the first Sunday of each month and are aimed at inviting the residents to see the river as part of their lives, as a place of leisure, contemplation and mobility. The floating pool (Fig. 4 and 5) was built over ten days in 2014 and promoted intense interactions between nearly 20 people. The group developed the idea of the collective construction of temporary prototypes with the goal of triggering sensory experiences and testing the real possibilities offered by the river. In addition to the pool, the work resulted in the construction of a social area, a pool and a kitchen. All the resources were obtained through informal partnerships and voluntary work.

Figure 4: Floating living area collectively built on temporary intervention in Recife. Photo by “Praias do Capibaribe” group.

Fugure 5: Floating pool on the urban river in Recife. Photo by “Praias do Capibaribe” group.

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