Eoc review Unit 5 Chapter 12 – wwii

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EOC Review Unit 5
Chapter 12 – WWII

  1. Rise of Dictators: Fill in the Chart: Using these headings –



Political System

Adolf Hitler





2. How effective was the League of Nations after World War 1? Explain your answer.

3. Which event officially started World War 2?
4. Fill in the chart:










5. What was Blitzkrieg warfare?
6. The U.S. maintained neutrality under the Neutrality Acts of 1935-1937, however, did provide aid to the Allies. Explain some of the tactics used to get around the Neutrality Acts.
7. What was the “Four Freedoms” Roosevelt promised the nation?
8. Which major event eventually led to the U.S. officially joining the war?
9. Fill in the chart below:




Who won?

  • D-Day

  • Battle of Midway

  • V-E Day

  • V-J Day

10. What was the “Manhattan Project”?

11. The Holocaust

  • What is anti-semitism?

  • What were the Nuremberg Laws?

  • What were the Nuremberg Trials?

  • Describe the events of Kristallnacht in 1938.

  • How were the Jews treated by the Nazis during WW2?

  • What is the “Final Solution”?

  • Who did the Nazis target (besides the Jews) ?

  • Approximately ________ million people were killed by the Nazis, of which ___________million were Jews.

12. List 4 consequences of WW2.

Chapter 13 – The Cold War
1. What was the Cold War and how was it different from other wars?
2. Using a Venn Diagram, discuss the major differences between the U.S. and Soviet Union and how these differences contributed to the Cold War.
3. What was the “iron curtain”?
4. How did the U.S. respond when communists threatened the governments of Greece and Turkey?
5. What was the Marshall Plan?
6. Define containment:
7. After the war, the western allies merged their occupation zones together to form West Germany or _________________________________________. The Soviet occupation zone became East Germany or _________________________________________. How did Stalin respond to this division? What was the U.S. reaction?
8. Explain NATO vs. WARSAW PACT.
9. The Cold War led to a second “Red Scare”. List some of the ways the Cold War affected American lives in the U.S.
10. Who was Senator Joseph McCarthy?
11. Explain how the Cold War affected China. Be sure to mention Mao Zedong, the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-Shek, and the U.S response to the communist government of China.
12. Why did the Korean War occur? How was the country divided?
13. Explain the U.S. and Soviet involvement in the Korean War.
14. Who was General McArthur? Role in the war?
15. What is Nuclear Proliferation?
16. Explain how the nuclear arms race between the two super powers served as deterrents against attack?
17. How is nuclear proliferation a continuous problem today?
18. What was the Eisenhower Doctrine?
19. Describe the space race that existed between the super powers during the Cold War.

20. Who was Fidel Castro? How would you describe U.S/Cuba relations?

21. What mission did Eisenhower begin against Castro? How did President Kennedy continue this mission?
22. What was the purpose of the Berlin Wall? Which Soviet leader ordered the building of this wall?
23. List 3 accomplishments under Kennedy.
24. Explain the main events of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Who was involved? What were the terms? Resolution?

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